About my blog

This is my author website, and it’s pretty much my home away from home. I spend way too much time here, tinkering on the site, posting cool stuff, and talking with friends. 

I’d love it if you signed up for the blog, and hopped on board. The site is non-political (I’m a moderate) and I mostly post about things that either motivate you, make you laugh, or inspire you. 

Often — okay, usually — the best part of the blog happens in the comments. I have some right-smart people following me and commenting about insights way above my pay grade. But I learn a lot from them and we all keep it civil even when we disagree, so I like to think this is a fun little community for all of us.

A great example of the community we have here is this article: Marine Corps ranked worst service branch to join, and I love it. Take a look at it and the 300 comments from veterans from nearly every modern war. I consider these comments (and the stories shared) a treasure. 

So, come join us. No pressure to stay, and no cost to visit.

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Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.