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I love writing fast-paced thrillers. Readers have, thankfully, compared my works to Vince Flynn, Lee Child, and Stephen Hunter — three of my favorite authors.

To date, I’ve published four books. (With about 30 in various stages, but you know how that goes…) 

Sold Out (Nick Woods, No. 1)” tracks the life of legendary Marine Sniper Nick Woods after a CIA unit decides to kill him for reasons of national security.

Mexican Heat (Nick Woods, No. 2) follows Nick Woods as he’s recalled into service in hopes of preventing the entire collapse of the Mexican government.

Little Man, and the Dixon County War” tells the uphill fight a young deputy faces after surviving three years of war only to find himself in the sights of a mighty cattle baron.

And, “Soldier On,” a short novel, follows the lives of several German soldiers in a depleted infantry company trying to make it through the final, miserable months of World War II.

Read on below for more information about each of them.

Sold Out (Nick Woods, No. 1)” 

In the foothills of the Appalachians, a former Marine Scout Sniper hides from his past, living under an alias. The wary man, named Nick Woods, just wants to be left alone while he recovers from bouts of paranoia and PTSD. Since developing the conditions in the ’80s due to several top-secret missions behind enemy lines, Nick remembers daily how his handler double-crossed him, almost robbing him of his life. Now, a tenacious reporter has uncovered Nick’s secret, and in doing so has started a massive manhunt by a group that wants nothing more than to capture Nick — and this time, the group will stop at nothing to get him. [Length: 283 pages]

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Mexican Heat (Nick Woods, No. 2)

Cover_Mexican Heat - Small

Nick Woods is tired of waiting. America’s greatest sniper has spent the better part of two years up in the mountains of Montana, waiting for the government to come after him. He has good reason to be wary, since the government has betrayed him twice already. Unfortunately, just waiting in isolation, with his wife Anne gone, and his paranoia at dangerous levels, is killing him, day-by-day. And so Nick ventures out. Carefully, like Nick does everything. But what Nick doesn’t know is that the Mexican government stands on the verge of complete collapse. A brilliant madman has united the drug cartels into a deadly alliance, and the Mexican President holds a perilous grip on power. Sending American troops isn’t an option. America needs Nick Woods again, and it needs him now. [Length: 527 pages]

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Little Man, and the Dixon County War” 

Paul Zachary shouldn’t have accepted that badge. And he certainly shouldn’t have shot down a ruthless gunfighter in front of a crowd of onlookers at Belleville’s busiest saloon. Now that the smell of gunpowder has faded and the blood has been scrubbed off the floor, Zachary is something he never wanted to be: a damned hero. He’s been written up in the papers and has more trouble on his hands than any 27-year-old man should ever have. And that was before his newfound fame proves a threat to a cruel cattle baron named McConnell… [Length: 224 pages]

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Soldier On

As World War II enters its final stretch, the last elements of the German Army struggle to survive and end the war with honor.

Soldier OnThe German soldiers know the war is lost, but have no idea how many days (or weeks) remain before capitulation. The weak and unlucky are gone. Now, only the strong remain, a ragged band of men determined to maintain their prestige and respect. They are the sons of indomitable veterans from World War I — men filled with too much pride to quit or surrender.

But food resupply is a problem. Ammo, too. And each day,with its increasingly absurd set of orders, begins to test the men in ways they could have never imagined. These days are tough for the men, and tougher for the leaders.

Hemmed in by Nazi SS units waiting to arrest or shoot retreating troops on one side and hordes of well-supplied American troops advancing mercilessly on the other, the men pray they must only endure the freezing weather of the last days. And that their supplies won’t run out. And that they won’t lose the honor and dignity they’ve spent years creating.

“Soldier On” is a short novel. [Approximately 61 pages long.]

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