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I love writing fast-paced thrillers. Readers have, thankfully, compared my works to Vince Flynn, Lee Child, and Stephen Hunter — three of my favorite authors.

To date, I’ve published three books. (With about 30 in various stages, but you know how that goes…)

Sold Out” tracks the life of a legendary Marine Sniper after a CIA unit decides to kill him for reasons of national security.

Little Man, and the Dixon County War” tells the uphill fight a young deputy faces after surviving three years of war only to find himself in the sights of a mighty cattle baron.

And, “Soldier On,” a short novel, follows the lives of several German soldiers in a depleted infantry company trying to make it through the final, miserable months of World War II.

Read on below for more information about each of them.

Sold Out,” a tight Marine Sniper/CIA Thriller, shows what happens when free speech slams into the messy realities of national security.

Book DescriptionNick Woods used to be one of our country’s greatest snipers. A Marine Scout Sniper who completed a bloody, top-secret mission behind enemy lines years ago, he now just wants to live in peace with his wife.

But Nick is about to get caught in a grand conspiracy between a senior investigative reporter and a shadowy, CIA group.

After said reporter, Allen Green, breaks the details of Nick’s story — blowing the top off America’s national security — both Nick and Allen find themselves in the sights of a CIA hunter-killer group.

This CIA group breaks the law and kills at will, and they’ll stop at nothing to take down the war hero Nick Woods and the dangerous, tenacious reporter who published the earth-shattering story he’d been chasing for years.

But is it possible that the CIA has met its match against this unlikely duo? [Length: 283 pages]

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Little Man, and the Dixon County War” is an epic Western tale — a story of how even good must often become soiled in order to win. The book is a fast-paced, action-packed book set in the Western era. Fans of “Appaloosa” and “Django Unchained” will almost certainly enjoy it.

Book Description: Paul Zachary shouldn’t have accepted that badge. And he certainly shouldn’t have shot down a ruthless gun fighter in front of a crowd of onlookers at Belleville’s busiest saloon. Now that the smell of gunpowder has faded and the blood has been scrubbed off the floor, Zachary is something he never wanted to be: a damned hero.

Now, Zachary has been written up in newspapers across the state and has more trouble on his hands than any 27-year-old man should — especially a short, baby-faced Civil War veteran who’s just survived three long, hard years in a Rebel cavalry troop charged with raiding Northern towns.

Zachary’s only desire is to outlive his family’s violent reputation for service and sacrifice. But the trouble of being a big-time hero and having a target on his back pales in comparison to what happens next: An evil cattle baron has set his sights on Zachary…

The young lawman has been bringing hope to people in a land where lawless land barons push the weak and sworn law officers balance keeping the peace and staying alive. This kind of hope can’t go on, so the West’s most powerful cattle baron — McConnell — decides he must kill the newest “Billy the Kid.”

McConnell can’t get at the uncompromising peace officer on Zachary’s home ground, so McConnell dispatches an evil gang of gunhands to kill Zachary’s best friend and abduct the man’s wife. McConnell needs Zachary to come after the woman and enter a world he completely controls. The gang successfully captures the woman and holes up in a godforsaken stretch of country known by the locals as Devil’s County (listed as Dixon County on the maps).

This is McConnell’s world, and he owns most of the land and all of the law. To rescue his his friend’s wife, Zachary must achieve what even the Army couldn’t pull off: Cleaning out the lair of murderers and thieves who answer only to McConnell.

McConnell has bribed or buried every man who’s ever stood up to him, so if Zachary plans to take on almost a hundred gunhands and rescue the woman, he’s going to need to bring along some of the best fighters the West has seen.

Keeping these temperamental men together, while dodging traps, ambushes, and double-crosses at every turn would prove a herculean task for a man twice Zachary’s age, but the young lawman owes his friend his life, and he won’t stop until he saves the woman or dies trying.

Forget sunsets and cattle drives — this is a bold, brutal vision of the American West at its most treacherous. With its explosively original ending and break-neck pace, it’s no wonder Little Man, and the Dixon County War has soared so high up the charts. [Length: 262 pages]

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Soldier On” is a novel about soldiers facing impossible odds, as well as the limits of human endurance. Book description: As World War II enters its final stretch, the last elements of the German Army struggle to survive and end the war with honor.

Soldier OnThe German soldiers know the war is lost, but have no idea how many days (or weeks) remain before capitulation. The weak and unlucky are gone. Now, only the strong remain, a ragged band of men determined to maintain their prestige and respect. They are the sons of indomitable veterans from World War I — men filled with too much pride to quit or surrender.

But food resupply is a problem. Ammo, too. And each day,with its increasingly absurd set of orders, begins to test the men in ways they could have never imagined. These days are tough for the men, and tougher for the leaders.

Hemmed in by Nazi SS units waiting to arrest or shoot retreating troops on one side and hordes of well-supplied American troops advancing mercilessly on the other, the men pray they must only endure the freezing weather of the last days. And that their supplies won’t run out. And that they won’t lose the honor and dignity they’ve spent years creating.

“Soldier On” is a short novel. [Approximately 61 pages long.]

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