Print Books: The New Vanity Publishing?

Great article that further lays out the death of print.

I mean, this author sold 16,000 books on her first book.

And 15,200 of them sold as ebooks.

She’s so convinced of the death of print, that she’s not even going to go through the effort of “printing” her second book.

4 thoughts on “Print Books: The New Vanity Publishing?

  1. I don’t know. I own a kindle. I love my kindle. I love that I have 30 books in such a little space. However, I love holding a real book in my hands. It makes me feel warm inside.


    1. I agree, Jennifer! Believe me, I do.

      But it’s hard to see the future. Fifteen or so years ago, I’d never have believed CDs would push out tapes. I never cared that they sounded better, and I liked how you could tape other tapes, but eventually CDs did take over.

      And then, iTunes was born. I thought that wouldn’t take over completely, but it pretty much has. When’s the last time you or your friend bought a CD? And if it’s recently, just how many have you bought the past few years.

      And here’s my final proof. The other day I was writing and wanted to hear some Cranberries, from back in the day. I have three or four of their CDs, literally five feet away in the very room in which I sat. But instead of getting up and digging for the CD I wanted, I just hit my bookmark for Pandora, clicked on my Cranberries station, and had some rocking out in like four seconds.

      Did you see this post? It helps sum up some of the things that convince me:

      BTW, thanks for commenting and following me! : )


  2. That was an interesting article/debate. Now I’m completely torn on the option to ebook it or not!


    1. Yeah, I obviously don’t know the answer, but I’m tired of the querying process, and with all the delays that will happen even if I’m picked up by an agent.

      I guess it’s partly the entrepreneur in me, but I can’t stand having my future in someone else’s hands. See here if you missed this:

      In the end, I’m not willing to take up to two years before the book is published. And I also believe publishing an eBook will get me a contract sooner, and a better advance than trying to go the regular submission route with an agent.

      And as I’ve also learned, there are very few agents accepting Westerns, and frankly, that’s for good reasons. The market is small and most Western writers fall short in the talent category, when compared to other fiction genres.


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