Pilot stupidity squared, with real questions following

You don’t have to be a genius to know you should never fly near the President.

Some stupid yahoo entered the same airspace as Marine One, the helicopter that transports the President. (See story here.)

Two F-16S  were scrambled and I’ll bet they came pretty dang close to shooting down this moron.

But, if you’re going to fly near the President, which is stupid as I said above, then I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be transporting drugs. Yep, said idiot mentioned above was allegedly transporting 40 pounds of marijuana.

This brings up a couple of important questions.

First, the story said the two F-16s were scrambled from a Reserve base. My first thought is why weren’t they already in the air? Is our security that bad? I mean, this is our President, whether you like him or not — and soon you may like the next one, so the question still stands. And please tell me these weren’t reservists, and that their planes were at least fueled and armed. (Would someone who knows our military standards please weigh in on how long it takes for them to scramble? I thought I once read it was 15 mins assuming they’re not sitting in the cockpit ready, and that Israel — which has the toughest standards — has it down to like two mins, using jeeps, drills, and pre-armed jets.)

Second, did this freaking idiot see the chart or hear that the air space would be cleared and see this as an opportunity to fly through the area without any observation? I mean, maybe it was a four-hour window and he just had bad luck on his timing?

Love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

One thought on “Pilot stupidity squared, with real questions following

  1. A friend of mine responded to this post on facebook by saying, “Military budget cuts.”

    My response to him: “Yeah, but if anyone ever manages to shoot down a President, then you know our gov’t will over-react, create an entirely new Dept — like the Dept of Presidential Air Defense, and we’ll be paying for like 40 planes to fly circles around him or her. I’d rather they just keep a couple up, myself…”


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