The Marine Corps, football, and lingerie — all in one post

I’ve been missing NFL football since it ended this year with the Super Bowl… (And what a way to end… I think Eli Manning’s a joke, but that’s another post for another day.) And with college football out of the picture as well, I figured it was going to be a tough drought for a few months in the entertainment realm.

And I’m betting most of my readers feel the same way. (I mean, come on. Basketball doesn’t come close to comparing to football, and baseball falls even further behind it.)

So the other day, when I got an RSS feed about football from one of my Marine news sources, I perked up.

The article was called, “Forget the NFL: Marines watch lingerie football.” (It’s here if you don’t believe me.)

I had completely forgotten that there even was such a thing as lingerie football. I had heard of it a few years ago, but assumed it was just some kind of gimic or publicity stunt.

Turns out, it’s for real.

And not only does the league exist, but these ladies take their football serious. They’re tackling the crap out of each other, and if you look at their website — and believe me, I did — you won’t find photos of scantily clad women. Instead, you’ll find a site dedicated to the teams in the league.

And if you look on YouTube for very long, you’ll find lots of hard hits. Like these:

And here’s their official league video. It’s also more about the hitting and winning than about the lingerie.

And after perusing these videos, I realized that I’m glad this league is more about football than just selling hot chicks. Why? Because I like football. Of any kind. And if it includes some hot chicks, then so much the better. And after watching Eli Manning “win” his second super bowl, I’m so sick to my stomach that I’d probably even be up for watching scantily clad fat men tackling the crap out of each other in whitey tighties. For me, it’s anything but Eli at this point. Or basketball and baseball.


P.S. I continue to get many of the same questions about my book, so I’m going to start including this at the bottom of my future posts. First, if you want to buy my ebook, Little Man, and the Dixon County War, it’s here. You can read a long sample of the book if you’re on the fence about whether you’re interested or not.

Second, some have said, “I’d love to buy it, but I don’t have a Kindle.” Well, you don’t need one. There’s a free reading application that will let you read my book and thousands of others on your computer. That link is here. (I warn you though, that’s a very addictive program to have… The price, selection, and convenience of an online bookstore will win you over quickly.)

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