Get my book, for free. Yes, you heard that right.

To all my die-hard fans out there, I ask a favor… : )

Can you please download my ebook off Amazon between now and this Sunday, March 4th?

It’s free — yes, it won’t cost you ANYTHING — and you can download it from here.

So, how does downloading a free ebook help me? Especially when I could be twisting your arm to buy it from me instead?

Well, first of all, I’ll never twist someone’s arm to buy something of mine out of guilt, so the latter option isn’t even a possibility.

And second of all, you downloading it for free will help push the title toward the top of the Amazon list, where I’ve been told I’m competing against just over a million books. That’s a lot of muck to try to stand out in, and believe me, there’s a lot of muck out there. But, if I can get toward the top of the list, I could potentially reach a 100,000 readers who may want my book.

So, please, don’t feel guilty — at all — for downloading it for free! By downloading it for free, you really are seriously helping me. A lot. (If you feel any guilt at all by taking part in this offer, then please, rate the book on the 1 to 5 star scale and write a review after you finish it. That will help me TONS, as well, since many won’t buy a book unless there are quite a few positive reviews.)

Thanks a million, everyone!

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. You don’t need a Kindle to read this ebook. You can read ebooks from your computer, laptop, ipad, phone, or other device with this free app. Click here.

P.P.S. And yes, please forward this message to any friends who may have Amazon accounts. Or definitely friends who like Westerns!

4 thoughts on “Get my book, for free. Yes, you heard that right.

  1. Hi Stan,
    How cool! I got the Kindle app for my laptop and downloaded your book right away–I’m looking forward to reading it. I had no idea I could get e-books without buying a Kindle. It enabled me to get another publication I’ve been wanting “I HEARD THE SIRENS SCREAM: How Americans Responded to the 9/11 and Anthrax Attacks” by Laurie Garrett.
    Regards, Susan Gawarecki


  2. I know, Susan. I only learned about this a few weeks ago when I was thinking about uploading and self-publishing my own book. It’s barely known, I think, so that’s why I’ve put three image links about it on my homepage and I usually try to mention it in most of my posts.

    I hope you like the book, and please put a review up if you do!



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