Let’s get out of Afghanistan, like now

President Obama stated Tuesday that the accidental burning of Korans in Afghanistan and the retaliatory killings of U.S. troops “gave new credence “to the idea of pulling out American troops for good.

“I think that it is an indication of the challenges in that environment, and it’s an indication that now is the time for us to transition,” Obama said during a White House news conference.  (Link here.)

Unfortunately, Obama did not discuss stepping up our withdrawal deadline, which amazingly still isn’t until the end of 2014.

Put me in the camp of folks who say it’s time to get out of there.

I’m okay with a base or two full of special operations troops from which we can launch attacks and control drones, but I’m beyond sick and tired of spending billions trying to rebuild this backward, broken, and uneducated country. These people are decades and decades — if not centuries — away from understanding things such as democracy and decency.

I’m sorry there are women who will be mistreated. I’m sorry they won’t have the right to vote and the Taliban will soon be whipping and shooting people in the streets.  But we gave them a chance. We’ve stayed longer than we stayed in Vietnam. They could have helped us make this happen.

Instead, guys like Karzai and his corrupt cronies have undermined us at nearly every step and inflamed the misguided masses to believing the BS propaganda from the Taliban.

We’ve done our part to try to help them, but as a whole, we’ve been roundly rejected. Let’s hand them the keys and wish them well. (Who knows, such a threat may actually lead to them appreciating our efforts and helping us stabilize their shithole of a country before we skip in 2014. Reverse psychology is a deadly tool.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

10 thoughts on “Let’s get out of Afghanistan, like now

  1. You’re right, Stan. I voted for Obama in part because I believed he would get us out of the Iraq and Afghanistan quagmires. i was only half right. We are overdue to admit defeat and leave Afghanistan, like we did Iraq and Vietnam.


    1. Or, let’s claim victory, remind people we hunted down al Qaeda and bin Laden after their heinous attacks, and attempted to give the people of Afghanistan a chance at democracy and a better life (through billions of dollars in aid and infrastructure projects).


  2. Couldn’t agree more. Further, our continue involvement in other nation’s problems is one of the primary causes for the financial mess our nation’s in. America is truly the new Roman Empire, and there’s little question that we’ve falling into the decay part of the equation.


    1. Yeah, we definitely don’t have the money to be rebuilding Afghanistan. Especially, if we’re not going to stay and actually reap the benefits of invading a country. We’ve got to be one of the only countries in history that invades foreign lands at great expense and then turns around and gives them up — almost always rebuilding them in the process.


  3. Good article Stan. I am not expert on current day Afghanistan, but I do know that the mission seems over or at least stagnated. I agree that having special operations people with drones and any other technological marvel we have is the way to go. That part of the world has a history of swallowing up “foreigners” if given enough time. Let’s get out now. I doubt another year will make any difference.


    1. Agreed, Jim. And the more I read about it, the more convinced I am that we missed the window to win this one. And I’m just as convinced — more so than ever — that probably no foreign military can win anything in Afghanistan, long-term.

      We’ve tried our damndest to avoid collateral damage, to create reconstruction projects, to let them elect their own government. It still doesn’t matter. They at a minimum completely distrust us. And increasingly, I think they just want us gone.

      That country is just too big, too poor, and too divided in regards to tribes and languages for a single central government to run it. It will almost certainly turn into a long-running civil war once we leave, same as it was before we ever arrived.


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