More proof that Tom Clancy’s a genius

I remember Tom Clancy saying in the 90s that the balance of power — and likely site of most wars in the 21st Century — would be in Asia. He argued that Western countries in Europe had bled each other out in two World Wars and learned the futility and cost of making war.

Asia, on the other hand, not so much. While I can’t find the quote or where I read/heard that, I’m quite certain I’m not making it up. (And if I am, then just pretend I said it and I’ll take credit for being a genius.)

Sure enough, roughly fifteen years later, I read this: India hikes defense spending by 17 percent.

And, then I remembered this story earlier this month: China increases military spending more than 11 percent.

Meanwhile, America and Britain continues to cut military spending.

I, personally, think we should continue to cut military spending, but I also, personally, think we shouldn’t get involved in about 90 percent of the things we get involved in. (See my Kony 2012 post.)

God gave us two great big oceans and two of the least threatening neighbors we could have ever asked for. I say we take advantage of them.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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