Another best-selling author decides to strike it on her own

For those who didn’t see, another best-selling author jumped ship from the Big Six.

She talks in depth about the sales she made on more than 25 different books that sold throughout the country and the world, as well as how little money she actually earned. Can you say 2.4 percent in some cases?

Yeah, if you’re thinking about getting published — or even writing with the thought of getting published — then you need to read her post. It’s here.

Here’s how Joe Konrath sums up her story: ” The way she’s been treated by Harlequin is disgusting.

“Even worse, it isn’t just Ann being treated this way. Harlequin has been screwing romance writers for decades. Some of the most prolific authors on the planet write for Harlequin, and they’re forced to be prolific because the only way to make a living is to pump out multiple books as fast as they can.

“Since discussing numbers with Ann years ago, I’ve been appalled by her tiny income versus her worldwide reach. She’s outsold me in paper by at least a factor of 5 to 1. Yet there hasn’t been a single year we’ve both been in the biz that I haven’t earned at least triple what she has, while writing fewer books.”

Joe doesn’t stop there. He goes on to say — in his typical, blunt style — “But Harlequin, and all you publishing pinheads who seriously believe you can continue to keep screwing authors — I’m counting the days you have left. There will be a mass exodus of authors leaving you. There will be civil lawsuits. And the DOJ is going to — rightfully — crucify you yahoos, as laid out in this terrific post by Kris Rusch. If you are a publisher, be afraid. Be very afraid.”

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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