Want to learn more about snipers on the battlefield?

USA Today reported on Wednesday about how snipers are transforming the battlefield.

The article looked at one specific area in Afghanistan — the Musa Qala area in the southern part of the country — and described how when a Marine infantry battalion deployed there in 2010, it couldn’t leave its base without coming under fire.

“They couldn’t get outside the wire more than 50 meters before it was a barrage of fire,” said Marine Sgt. Jonathan Charles, a scout sniper.

But that changed in the coming months, once the unit sent sniper teams out for some happy hunting. The article explains how these snipers changed that region, and goes further into how snipers are being used more and more these days. (It’s a great article that’s certainly worth reading: find it here.)

The article also pumps me up because as my close fans know — mic check, anyone out there? — I’ve got a sniper novel that will be finished soon. This is a thriller about a former Marine sniper that gets caught up again in an incredible conspiracy along with a chain-smoking, soft reporter from New York, who gets dragged in, too.

I’ve been working on this novel since 2001, and even my ex-wife said parts of it rocked. (Can you get a more accurate assessment of your work?)

So, why ten years, Stan? Are you that pathetic of a writer?

No. The book is just that complex. And I get these guys in such jams that I often spend weeks and weeks, if not months, figuring out how they can get out of it.

The easier path for me would have been to go back and take the jam out, or make it less of a jam. But, that makes for a weaker book, so when you guys read this and see the shit these two guys have to go through, oh, you’ll be thankful; and probably reading at an elevated heart-rate. Believe me, you’ll be staying up past your bedtime with a lamp burning, I guarantee it.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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