Read this for a swift kick in the pants

Great post here about persistence and fighting for what you want. The post is about writing, but can be applicable to anything.

Very motivating. Go check it out.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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One thought on “Read this for a swift kick in the pants

  1. Below is the comment I left after reading this post…


    Wow. This is a great post, and as real as it gets. Reminds me of fighting. There are those who crave the muscles, the girls, and the feeling of having others fear you.

    And then there are those who seem to honest to God love to fight. They don’t care how they look. They don’t care about the muscles. They enjoy the war, even when they’re getting the shit beat out of them.

    And when you see them crawl to their feet after taking a hell of a beating, with blood streaming down their face and a couple fingers turned the wrong way or a wrist swelling up like water balloon, and they have this sick grin on their face and they’re smiling and laughing a bit, that’s when you know you’ve met your match. That you better just run because you have crossed paths with a warrior.

    And let me tell you, it’s great when I’ve put in 16 or 18 hours at my company and I go home and still throw some words into my next book. And there’s nothing like the look you get from family members or friends when they find out how sick in the head you are. And how they have these dreams they want to chase, too, but they just don’t have the “get-back-up” in them that I described above. (And unfortunately, I don’t do what I just described as much as I like, but I definitely get meaner and tougher with every passing day…)

    At any rate, this post helps me remember just how much sicker in the head I need to get…


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