Concussions, consmussions: Shut up and play the game

So, this whole concussion thing in the NFL is getting out of control. It’s being talked about pretty much 24/7 on the sports channels.

Besides the Junior Seau suicide, which I talked about here, Jacob Bell decided to retire a year early and forego $800,000.

I’d love to know your all’s thoughts on this. I personally think it’s crazy. Give up 800k? Because of some concussions?

In Oak Ridge, where I live, an electrical worker lost his life doing his job — and believe me, their jobs are incredibly dangerous. I think they make between 60 and 80k a year. Possibly less.

What about miners? They go down in holes miles and miles deep every day, facing instant death every moment. They breathe in terrible dust, which is certainly doing long-term hard. What do they make? Maybe 40k? Maybe less?

And don’t make me talk about serving in the military. I will straight go off on a rant, as you all know too well.

So, am I wrong on this? What are your thoughts? Should they just shut up with the complaining and play? Or, are there legitimate gripes being made?

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

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