Turning 60: The Twelve Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned So Far

I really needed to read this post today. It’s called, “Turning 60: The Twelve Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned So Far.”

Great advice in there. Helped me to take a couple deep breaths and slow down a bit. Even put a smile on my face.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Thanks to all who are helping make my first novel — well, sort of my first novel — a huge success! It’s gone as high as below 21,000 in its first two months and that’s with no marketing budget, no publishing company promoting it, and no reviews in any book magazines or websites. As a reminder, you do not need a Kindle to buy my book. You can read it from your computer, laptop, ipad, phone, or other device with this free download. And you can buy my book here, for 99 cents. Read reviews of it here.

Published by Stan R. Mitchell

Stan R. Mitchell writes tight, fast-paced books, with intricate storylines that keep you on the edge of your seat. Mitchell has written ten books and sold more than 70,000 books since his career took-off in 2012. If you’re looking for a fun ride, give one a try at http://amzn.to/1brrc37

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