Is Tim Tebow already winning New York Jets’ starting job?

I haven’t written anything yet on the Tim Tebow saga since he arrived in New York.

Before I go there, let me say, “Yes, I’m on the Tim Tebow bandwagon.”

But I didn’t start there. I hated him in college when he played for Florida — being a UT fan, that’s a requirement.

I laughed when he cried in the press conference after they lost a game they shouldn’t, and I laughed even harder after he lost to Alabama and cried there.

I’ve pulled against him the entire way, even when he first landed in the pros.

But, over time — and it doesn’t have shit to do with his religion, believe me— he has absolutely won me over.

And I as researched him, learned about the broken-leg story in high school — yeah, he kept playing with a broken leg (even scored), and watched with disbelief his determination and drive, he completely started winning me over.

So, in total Stan mode, I began researching him further. And when I learned of his late-night workouts, the push-ups he does in the middle of the aisle while on planes, the record-number of passes he throws prior to each game, I connected with that work ethic. Especially when I compare that to the take-it-for-granted pathetic-ness of so many other pro players.

Anyway, I’m completely on board now. So, with all that background, here’s the point of this article.

Not even a single scrimmage game has been played and you’re seeing articles like this: Is Tim Tebow already winning New York Jets’ starting job?

Read the article. It’s incredible. The drive, belief, and attitude this man carries with him.

And never forget what Tebow did for the Broncos: He brought leadership, made the Broncos matter, oh, and got them in the playoffs, where they beat the usually dominant Steelers. Those are no small achievements, and he did that with no spring camp. (Nonetheless, the Broncos were stupid and dropped him — Read this for my take on that situation: Who needs John Elway? I’ll take the mob, any day of the week.)

Hope you enjoy the article, and hope you half-way like Tim Tebow because I’m going to be writing more about him. For a long time.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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