Why I shouldn’t watch Lebron James and the Miami Heat

Today was a disappointing afternoon of sports watching.

I typically don’t watch professional basketball unless Michael Jordan is playing, or Lebron James. And since I can’t stand Lebron James, that means of late I’ve only been watching to pull against him and the Heat.

And as most of you know, the Indiana Pacers ended up losing after dominating the entire first half.

You end up feeling like you completely wasted two hours on days like today when the team you’re pulling against ends up winning. I mean, I can’t even name a single Pacer player.

I watched just to see Lebron lose, and when he and his team didn’t, I felt frustrated. So, to help me get off my anti-Lebron kick, I’m hoping some of you all out there who like him can tell me the redeeming qualities he has that you admire and appreciate.

Please, drop me a comment telling me why I shouldn’t dislike him so much, so that I can quit watching basketball for all the wrong reasons.  Believe me, this would help me never have to watch another basketball game in my life. (And if you can’t stand him either, then tell me why you’re on the same side of the fence as me; we can have a good time ripping on him to make up for the fact he won.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Thanks to all who continue to make my novel Little Man, and the Dixon County War a huge success! It’s gone as high as No. 28 on the Amazon UK Paid List, landing smack dab between two Louis L’Amour books. Learn more about it here.

Comments are always welcome!

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