Why I’m a Tim Tebow nut…

Yes, I’m on the Tim Tebow bandwagon.

But I didn’t start there. I hated him in college when he played for Florida — being a UT fan (and we’re talking Tenn, not Texas), that’s a requirement.

Even though he crushed UT each and every year, I loved seeing him stumble. I laughed when he cried in the press conference after they lost a game they shouldn’t,  and I laughed even harder after he lost to Alabama and cried there, as well.

I’ve pulled against Tebow the entire way, even when he first landed in the pros.

But, over time — and it doesn’t have shit to do with his religion, believe me — he has absolutely won me over.

And I as researched him, learned about the broken-leg story in high school — yeah, he played nearly an entire game with a broken leg (even scored a 20-yard touchdown) — and watched with disbelief his determination and drive, he completely started winning me over.

So, in total Stan mode, I began researching him further. And when I learned of his late-night workouts, the push-ups he does in the middle of the aisle while on planes, the record-number of passes he throws prior to each game, I connected with that work ethic. Especially when I compare that to the take-it-for-granted pathetic-ness of so many other pro players.

So I evolved into a Tebow fan, and it’s grown into a bit of an obsession given how the Broncos (and now the Jets) treated him. Bottom line is this: I’m completely on board now.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give, a book I believe to be worth $10,000.

7 thoughts on “Why I’m a Tim Tebow nut…

  1. I appreciate Tim Tebow. He’s obviously a very skilled player, who’s talent and success stems from work ethic as you’ve mentioned, rather than just another lucky winner of the genetic lottery. However, I just cannot get past the fact that he showboats his Christianity a little too much for my personal liking. I’ll just have to reserve my final verdict until I see more of him in the future, but I just wanted to chip in with my 2 cents here. Keep’em coming Stan.


  2. Good comments. It still causes me some concern as well, but my concern dropped when I saw an interview from him where he was asked about this.

    He said in that interview that he hasn’t changed. That he always did his sprint down the sideline before a game going all the way back to high school, same with the bowing after scoring. And that it wasn’t until the media made a big deal of it all that it took on such prominence.

    And as one fellow teammate said (who wasn’t a Christian), he doesn’t try to convert people. He isn’t asking whether fellow players are “saved,” or if they’re going to heaven. He just feels super blessed — probably because of how many impoverished people he’s seen on his mission work — and I’m assuming he feels that he must give credit where credit is due.


  3. Maybe it’s just the people and culture that I’ve been exposed to but, while outspoken, I just don’t find him that flamboyant or obnoxious about his faith compared to your typical evangelical. (Some of his fans’ reactions, on the other hand, may be reinforcing this concern…)

    As for giving credit where credit’s due, as Stan mentioned, one of the things I love about the guy is that very often he’ll point back at his team in those moments, too. In an interview after his last minute win against the Dolphins when he ran in a touchdown to tie the game (I think), he said something like the O-linemen did the hard part. And they did, the blocking was perfect and he waltzed right in.

    Still, however he fairs on the field, I think he’ll make his real mark on the game as a coach eventually. Between the ability to inspire a team and his ability to breakdown the game after watching hours and hours of game tape (according to many of his former coaches), I’m betting that’s where his career will lead, unless he ditches it all for some form of ministry elsewhere.

    DISCLAIMER: My admiration from Tebow comes easier as I’m a lifelong Gator fan. Sorry, Stan. I should have told you sooner. 🙂


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