Thinking of my unit, and so many others

As you enjoy your Memorial Day, let’s not forget all those serving.

Marines from the very battalion I served in are still in harm’s way. Like serious harm’s way, with one company pushing deeper into enemy territory than has been done lately; maybe ever. (See video here.)

I shudder to think about how miserable, dirty, and tired these men must be. And how that evil temptress known as boredom must be seducing them in between their bouts of contact and action, getting them to lower their guard so that her brother mayhem can strike.

I think about how these men must miss home, miss their women, miss TV, good food, showers, clean (comfortable) beds, you name it.

So, as you enjoy your day, think at least for a moment about the amount of misery and hell my former unit — 1st Battalion, 8th Marines — is going through right now.

And then remember all those who have paid the price before them, and who are paying the price throughout the rest of the world (and even stateside) to ensure our freedom and safety.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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3 thoughts on “Thinking of my unit, and so many others

  1. Hey Jamie,

    We just missed each other! I was in from 95-99. Alpha Company, 3rd Platoon.

    Let’s see… Do you remember Abilgaard? Or Dizon? Or Barker? Those were some of the guys in 3rd Platoon when I first got there. And I think Griffin was in Weapons when I arrived. Do you remember him?


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