Colin Powell’s big news… (not what you think)

Colin Powell made huge news last week, but not for what the media caught.

The media picked up that Powell wasn’t ready to endorse Obama for a second term.

But that news paled in comparison to what he said about Afghanistan.

“As for Afghanistan, Powell said upon reflection that ‘it was worth the sacrifice to give the Afghan people a chance at free government’ but that ‘we have to draw the line at some point,’ pointing towards the full withdrawal of American and NATO forces in 2014.

That’s right. Colin Powell, a former 4-star Army General with an unimpeachable military record, thinks we need to get out of Afghanistan by 2014.

This is huge news, because if we can get everyone agreeing that we must leave no later than 2014 (and that it’s not unpatriotic to say so), then we can begin the discussions of getting out faster than that.

Please, everyone. I’m begging you… Just, one day after Memorial Day, let’s use all these patriotic thoughts to think of how many service members are in harm’s way right now. And how many American lives we could save if we speed up the withdrawal of American troops.

My view remains unchanged: Let’s get out of Afghanistan, like now. And don’t buy the BS that more troops or commitment could help us win this war, whatever “win” means. The Taliban is stronger now than they were when we surged, according to many.

And the fact remains after ten years of war: We’ve done our part to try to help them, but as a whole, we’ve been roundly rejected. Let’s hand them the keys and wish them well.

So, what do you think?

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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6 thoughts on “Colin Powell’s big news… (not what you think)

  1. You’re right, bring ’em home, the sooner the better. Why stop with Afghanistan? Bring every person stationed overseas home. Like you said, we’ve done our part.


  2. Definitely bring them home from Afghanistan. The others we’d have to talk about.

    I favor a much more modest approach to defense, but it would have to be done in stages. We do have lots of treaties and alliances, and untangling them all — should we decide to do so — would take decades. (Plus, we’d want countries like South Korea and Japan and others to have time to build up their forces when they learn we’re no longer going to play protector and big brother for the entire world.)


  3. I agree that military withdrawal from the world stage is a worthy objective. The problem, as I see it, is convincing the hawks to change their world view. I think our task is to counter extremism with reason and moderation, such as you are doing. All of us with this point of view need to be able and willing to explain to others our position, morally and pragmatically.


  4. Well said, Karen. It will be hard to shift our country’s view, especially since most are scared to reduce our military forces.

    But, we need to constantly remind them that:

    A) We were blessed with two magnificently large oceans that protect our flanks.

    B) We have two of the safest and least threatening neighbors in the world.

    C) We can no longer afford to be the world power we once were.

    D) Owning one of the world’s largest armies becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It leads to more terrorism and more intervention, which requires a larger and larger military capability.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!


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