America’s most powerful weapon… Nope, not the military.

The only weapon more powerful than America’s military is its culture.

Believe me if you don’t live here. Our culture can destroy your country twice as fast as our military can. (In fact, our military gets better year after year at not destroying things.)

But back to the point, here’s a great story about how American culture is destroying traditions and farm practices in Thailand.

Few key quotes:

  • Regarding farm work, from one young teenager: “It’s hot and exhausting — I don’t like it,” Ms. Malinee said recently as she downloaded photos from her camera onto a computer at the local community center. “I’d rather stay indoors.”
  • “We are losing what we call Thai-ness, the values of being kind, helping each other, having mercy and gratefulness,”said a professor.
  • Unlike in some parts of the world, where the image of farmers is bound together with thoughts of self-reliance, strength and nostalgia for the countryside, the Thai farmer is seen as “poor, stupid and unhealthy.”

And helping fuel this drive away from rice farming, which provides $6 billion a year in exports for the country is? Wait for it… yep, television.

Television helped change the perception that farmers’ skin, darkened by the sun, “has become a marker of lower social status in a country so obsessed with light skin that television and women’s magazines are packed with advertisements touting skin-whitening creams,” the article said.

Trust me, if our country is any indication, before long most of the people in Thailand will be fat, unhappy, and addicted to reality TV. And their political leaders will be screaming and scorning their opponents, and doing everything in their power to destroy their country.

But, they’ll certainly have their Wal-Marts and their McDonald’s. (Maybe some of them should use their cell phones and computers to see just what life is really like in America…)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

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