America: Wake up, you bunch of stupid morons.

Well, if you weren’t challenged enough by the idea of confronting China, then congratulations! We’ll give you something a little more difficult.

How about, let’s see, we’re America and we think we’re invincible… Oh, this is good… How about China and Russia, at the same time?! Yes! That’s something that would even make Teddy Roosevelt flinch.

First, some background.

So, to counter the Chinese mammoth dragon, the geniuses who plan our strategy decided to up the ante. They met and pondered and planned and squealed with delight, “How ’bout we form a bunch of alliances with lots of smaller countries all around China?”

Sounded brilliant. Arguably was if we’re going to be stupid enough to enter another massive arms build up against one of the world’s largest economies and countries.

But, China isn’t stupid. China says, “F’ing Americans. We’ll show them. Let’s team up with Russia, who has that demon of a leader Vladimir Putin back at the helm.”

Yes, that same Putin who served in the KGB and probably hasn’t had a pure thought in the past forty years.

So, there you have it. Here’s the story: Putin says to push military ties with China.

America. Wake up, you bunch of stupid morons. Turn off your stupid reality TV and start paying attention. And quit picking political parties and hating the other. BOTH PARTIES FAVOR THIS ARMS RACE. (Don’t buy the bologna that the Democrats don’t. Have you heard a single bit of debate or dialogue on this issue? Didn’t think so.)

We have 330,000 troops in the Pacific alrady. We’re shifting more.

So, I ask again…

Are we sure we want to do this?

I’d also love to know what it will cost us if we don’t go to war with China over the next 20 years. And how much it will cost if we do? (Is it $1 trillion? $2 trillion? $5 trillion? More?)

I’d also love to know what we get out of this. If these smaller countries want our protection, why don’t we charge them for it? Demand tribute so they don’t have to build up their forces? Or, why aren’t they paying us for stationing troops over there?

Exactly what do we get out of it? Don’t say safety. I completely disagree with that.

So what are we getting out of this? I can only come up with a couple answers.

One, we’re getting access to cheaper labor markets. How does that benefit us? Lower cost T shirts and tennis shoes. But then the corporations keep their profits oversees and hire even more foreign labor, while killing even more American jobs.

So, please, start paying attention my friends. And start talking with your friends. This issue makes our Social Security and Medicare problems, as well as our National Debt, look trivial.

Again, what will it cost us for this build up over the next 20 years? How about 50? (Don’t even think the Chinese aren’t planning long term — like really long term. And how much will it cost if we end up at war? And why, oh why, are we doing this?)

Ask both parties, and read this other blog post of mine, one of my early posts when I first became alarmed: Are we sure we want to do this?

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

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8 thoughts on “America: Wake up, you bunch of stupid morons.

  1. Pshaw! Outspending your economically unstable opponent in an arms race is no way to gain global hegemony. If ANYONE should know that it’s Rus–…uh oh.


  2. Sounds regretfully like the last limping trump card by Secretary of State Dean Rusk, to justify that war – the good old Domino Theory. If ‘A’ falls, then ‘B’ will fall (hey same geographic area, too!) Anyone out there remember that?


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