NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw: Quit your job. Now.

This NFL concussion stuff is getting out of control.

Our country is becoming such a bunch of pansies that it’s sad to see it spreading to the NFL and some of the toughest men we have as a nation.

Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw just came out and became the latest former NFL player to say he wouldn’t let his son play football.

Is that right, Mr. Bradshaw? Football is that dangerous? That bad?

Well, good. Since this is your view, you should immediately resign from being an analyst and making millions to promote the game.

To not resign would be morally wrong because promoting the game for profit — as you’re doing by being an analyst — is encouraging kids to want to play. And if it’s so0000 dangerous that you wouldn’t let your kid play, then you should stop immediately.

So, resign, Mr. Bradshaw.

Resign today or apologize and never utter those stupid words again.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

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4 thoughts on “NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw: Quit your job. Now.

  1. Although I agree that Bradshaw should be promoting the game of football askingnhim to resign as an analyst maybe alittle harsh. Maybe asking for some more clarity on why he does not want his son playing football would-be a good start. Yes the game is game seems to be getting a little soft but let’s find a solution instead of just packing our bags and calling it quits. Checkout The #1 NFL site 4 women. Yes we are smart and tough!


  2. nflfemale,

    Thanks for the comment, and certainly my comments could be labeled harsh, but I stand by them.

    Mr. Bradshaw is an analyst, and a Hall of Famer. A “leader” in the game. Someone who mentors young players and inspires those who watch.

    As an analyst, he doesn’t rate a chance for more clarity. He had that chance in front of millions while on the show and he either said something stupid in the wrong format to make such a statement. Or, he believes what he said, in which case he should elaborate, resign, and work to make changes to the game of football.

    Not doing the latter is completely hypocritical. How anyone could profit from doing something that they believe to be harmful is beyond me? So if he thinks it’s harmful, he needs to resign.



  3. Bradshaw’s job is to have opinions, not necessarily correct ones, that allow him to remain relevant. That’s how he keeps money coming in. No one on television believes everything he/she says, and no one on television says everything he/she believes. Everyone is hypocritical. No one will resign. If you were paid as much as he is to talk as much as he does, you’d hate yourself. but only a little.


    1. Man, I hate to agree with you, but you’re probably right. You need to share your keen insight on here more often. Better yet, you ought to grab a blog and get to work. It’d be entertaining as shit to read.


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