Navy Seal on what to do in a shooting massacre

After the Colorado movie massacre, there have been lots of people asking, “How would I have reacted? Or, what could I have done?”

A Navy Seal has come out and answered that question in this article: Navy SEAL Lessons Learned From Aurora Colorado.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn. P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

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6 thoughts on “Navy Seal on what to do in a shooting massacre

      1. Mine is on its way.
        My husband and son always carry knives, but, as you say, it’s an issue at airports. When I lived in D. C. a little girl died because the drawstring of the hood of her parka got caught in the escalator of the Metro, and that made me conscious of the fact that we should all have knives handy.


        1. Good point.

          And there’s just something about a knife. I’ve read numerous articles that talk about how intimidating they are to criminals.

          For instance, a club — with its reach — is a much better weapon, but knives are consistently ranked as far more intimidating. People hate to be cut.

          And the real irony is that if you forget the BS you see on movies, it’s nearly impossible to kill someone with a knife. There have been people stabbed in the body/chest 30 and 40 times and have survived.

          And what usually happens is most people aren’t willing to use a knife because of how bloody it is. They usually stab once or twice and stop using it, whereas with a club or other weapon, they would persist.

          Knives are nasty, intimidating things. That’s a fact.


  1. I’ve heard a lot of this talk, but I don’t think that most people who carry firearms legally do so in an attempt to be ready to mete out vigilanty justice wherever it is needed. As he points out, the law does not look kindly on folks that take justice into their own hands, even while covering those simply aiming (pardon the pun) to only protect themselves. If I carry a gun, it is not to act as a Navy Seal and be a hero. I have a family to provide for. There’s nothing you can do to stop insanity, but you can sure play the odds. I keep hearing my grandfather’s voice: “Nothing good happens after midnight.”


    1. Completely agree about playing the odds.

      And as I read on another article, even had you been carrying a pistol in this situation, it would not have been a simple scenario. Hundred plus people running. Terrible lighting, with flashing movie screen, and some kind of smoke or CS grenade that he had thrown.

      And top it off with the fact he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying weapons that way out-gun you.


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