Could this be the dumbest leak investigation into secrets ever?


This involves an unclassified document. About a weapon that doesn’t exist.

Read the article.

Speaking of leaks… Given all the anger over the leaks from the Obama administration, I’m wondering…

Has everyone forgotten the leaks to Judith Miller of The New York Times prior to the Iraq War? You know, the ones that helped scare our country and drive it into a war frenzy? In case you have, Jon Stewart — who is apparently one of the only media sources in the country that still does research (or at least has the guts to call it like it is) — breaks it down for you. Link.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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7 thoughts on “Could this be the dumbest leak investigation into secrets ever?

  1. The leak investigations are truly bizarre. I don’t know why Feinstein has been supporting them. It’s as if the GOP has something on her. Judy Miller got fired from the NYT and ended up at Fox. ‘Nuff said.


    1. There will always — and I mean ALWAYS — be leaks. As a member of the press, I know this. Even when you try to contain them, infighting among staff and jockeying for position is usually enough to create leaks.

      The real irony is from what I can tell — keeping up with Editor and Publisher and other media trade journals — the Obama administration has been more fierce about going after leaks than certainly the prior administration. Some say going back to Nixon. That might be a stretch, but if you think so, then I say two words:

      [ ] The attack on Bin Laden — choosing the most dangerous option, and not alerting the Pakistanis.
      [ ] Drone attacks — way, and I mean WAY, up from when Bush was in. And he’s also killed American citizens in Yemen.

      Obama doesn’t mess around, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary. And he seems to think National Security is an important thing.

      The above are facts that those on the right try to ignore, but they are facts.


  2. Leaks can be a good thing and are vital to our democracy. They let us know what’s going on without official policy announcements, like the leaks about the increased drones. I believe the press is conscientious about not leaking national security stuff when asked to hold information. It’s a tough balance, but I believe that most of the time we get it right.
    I don’t think that the GOP’s going after O on leaks is justified, but their going after him on a lot of things (voting in Ohio) isn’t justified either.


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