Tim Tebow shows further improvement in first outing with Jets

It’s hard to tell much from a preseason football game, but I thought Tim Tebow looked sharp.

He didn’t get much playing time in the first outing for the New York Jets, but he showed in brilliant fashion the difference between himself and Mark Sanchez.

When the offensive line fails with Sanchez in, you get an ugly sack. (Happened twice.)

When the offensive line fails with Tebow in, you get some Houdini-like moves and plenty of positive yards — 14 yards one time, 10 on another.

Tebow’s stats look bland, but a receiver dropped a perfectly thrown ball on one of his attempts. And it didn’t help that he had to play with the second-string offense, and that the Jets coaching staff called plays more conservative than Rush Limbaugh.

All in all, I was most pleased to see his passing had improved. This is his third offense he’s had to learn in three years, and he hasn’t had a fair shot (that most starting QBs get) in any of them. Throw in the fact that he’s trying to re-tool his throwing motion and it’s a wonder the guy even has any fans or stats.

Here’s a story that sums up his effort: Tim Tebow dazzles with his legs during debut for NY Jets in preseason opener against Bengals.

(And, no, before you go there, I’m not one of Tim Tebow’s religious fanatical fans.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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