“Little Man” will ride again

Wrote 889 words tonight. Another good night for me.

Strangely, I wrote 881 words last night. Yeah, how weird that it worked out that way — not like I measure it as I go; just finished the scene/chapter and saved the document only to discover it then.

Anyway, I’m making great progress now after a solid two or three weeks floundering with my writing. In that time, I’ve worked on three different works: a follow up novel to Sold Out, a third war novel — connected with neither my first or second book — and a second “Little Man” novel.

But, I’ve finally decided to drop my third war novel and go all out on a second “Little Man” novel.

So, that’s what I’m on. Have a decent loose outline in place, and I’m excited about the writing, the build up in tension, and the holy ton of shit I have planned for all involved.

And thanks to Danah’s insistence, and me wracking my brain for about a week, this second “Little Man” novel will have a heavy role for Chip Hooks. Yep, that guy you hated so much in the first “Little Man” novel.

Danah fought me hard on this, and I’m glad she did. I couldn’t find a way to include him at first, but she reminded me that he was one of the greatest characters I’d ever created, and that many of my readers usually mention him when they talk to me, and thus I had to get him involved.

The delay in the start of the book will more than pay off, and that’s why I owe her so much.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

P.P.S. Thanks to all who continue to make my novel Little Man, and the Dixon County War a huge success! It’s gone as high as No. 16 on the Amazon UK Paid List (see here and here), landing smack dab between a Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey book. And don’t forget to check out my newest novel (Sold Out). It’s already gone as high as No. 81 on the Amazon Paid List for the category of War (see here and here). Learn more about both books here.

9 thoughts on ““Little Man” will ride again

  1. So just how am I supposed to get anything done, knowing that you’re writing another book? Best of luck to you, and I for one can’t wait! Semper Fi.


    1. Thanks, Mike. It makes my day that there are people out there who actually care whether I’m writing a sequel or not!

      And by the way, since you’re going to have to wait a bit on mine, have you ever read any of Robert B. Parker’s stuff?


  2. Way to go Stan! I’m glad to see you’re kicking ass and taking names on the writing. Especially glad Danah convinced you to include Chip, the guy we all love to hate.


    1. Thanks, Phillip! It feels good. I was becoming quite an ass the past couple weeks as I flipped and flopped from project to project.

      When I’m not writing, I’m a bear. And it affects even my exercise habits, which only makes me more of a bear.


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