We’re winning in Afghanistan, don’t lose hope!

A fellow blogger linked to the story of shrapnel from rocket fire hitting the plane that carried the top U.S. military officer to Afghanistan, and asked folks for their thoughts as to whether it was a lucky shot or something more skilled and devious. (Link to article about plane getting hit.)

My response in the comments of his blog is probably a bit overboard, but by the time I finished venting, I decided I should share them here. (Warning: They’re cynical and affected by the fact a Marine friend of mine just lost three buddies there…)

Here’s what I wrote:

I’m sure it was just a lucky shot. They’ve been saying for ten years that we’re winning, and victory is just around the corner, right?

If we can just stay the course until 2014, or maybe 2018, then they’ll have a fully functioning democracy complete with a government that lacks corruption and a perfect society that lets women vote and drive and generally speak their minds.

Hang in there, gents. We’ve got a whole line of general officers just raring to prove they’re smarter than the dozen who came before them. And those defense contractors… Oh, they’re licking their chops and our cowardly Congressmen don’t want to turn down their donations or appear weak.

So, buck up, young men and women. Lots of medals still to be handed out, plenty of chapters left for Generals to include in their books, and still time for our miserable Congressmen to raise some more campaign donations.

We’re winning this thing! Don’t ever stop drinking the Kool Aid!

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

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