Why would Fox News out a Navy Seal?

Sometimes, the world we live in makes no sense.

For some stupid reason, the folks at Fox News outed a Navy Seal who wanted to remain anonymous. The story that they released the man’s name in is here.

If you read the story, there seems to be absolutely no reason to “out” him other than they’re still trying to keep the classified leak story alive against Obama. (Read their article, if you don’t believe me.)

And here’s the story from the AP confirming that the great patriots from Fox News, who spend half their time trying to create evidence of liberal bias elsewhere, were (in fact) the first news agency to release the Navy Seal Chief’s name. (Link.)

Great job, Fox News. You just put a man’s life, and his family’s, in serious danger.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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10 thoughts on “Why would Fox News out a Navy Seal?

    1. My response: It must be. I am really, really disgusted. You would think if there was one news source that wouldn’t “out” a veteran, it would be Fox News.

      Man, I hate the media, and I swear a day doesn’t go by that I don’t try to be different than the vast majority of them out there. I feel like an attorney, who’s not proud to tell people he’s an attorney…


  1. Facebook comment by Devrin Kuipers: Pundits spewing their rhetoric. Can’t stand to listen to any of them. News is not slanted commentary, thus I don’t get my news from them.


  2. Facebook comment by Mike Mahathy: Stan, over the past year I have noticed creeping changes that have accumulated to more than subtle. Roger Ailes said last year he wanted to shed the conservative mouthpiece label, at least somewhat.
    about a minute ago via mobile

    Facebook comment by Stan Mitchell: Aaahhh… Hadn’t considered that. Danah and I only recently got cable, so I’ve been uanble to keep up with them. (Been without cable for about six years because I couldn’t afford it; chasing that American dream, you know how it goes…)


      1. It’s hard to shock me these days (nude photos of Prince Harry, what else is new?), but I was shocked when I saw the “outing.” It shows how shallow Fox News’ claims of patriotism are. Real patriots don’t expose a Seal who seeks to remain anonymous.


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