Marines begin patrolling Guatemala to stop drug trafficking

The Marines have landed and the situation is in hand.

Wait. Scratch that. I got all World War II-like there for a moment in my patriotic, Marine-like mind.

The truth is 200 hundred Marines have landed in Guatemala to partrol their coast to help slow down drug trafficking. And more than likely, they’ll barely make a dent in it.

Full story here.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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10 thoughts on “Marines begin patrolling Guatemala to stop drug trafficking

  1. “If the Marines find suspected boats, Barnes said, they will contact their Guatemalan counterparts in a special operations unit from the Guatemalan navy that will move in for the bust.” As soon as they get of the phone with the smugglers. Have to see what their cut is going to be.

    “Barnes said the Marines will not go along on arrest missions, but they do have the right to defend themselves if fired on.” Well, I sure as Hell hope that they get to keep their weapons loaded. All of the time.

    Semper Fi


  2. A war we are never going to win and a waste of taxpayers’ money. I have never used drugs, but we should just legalize them and let the states and federal government get some tax money from them.
    Let’s use our military for better purposes, like stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.


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