Crazy military technology… The end of good war stories?

I’m a young man, but sometimes I feel old when it comes to military matters. For instance, I find myself already resistant to technology when it comes to war.

I’ve always thought we spend far too much on ideas that usually don’t pay off. So, I’m a bit torn on the following two items.

First, there’s news that the Army wants to develop a drone that weighs less than five pounds (so it can be carried in a pack), can be launched by hand, and can fly six miles and kill a target. (Story here.)

As an old infantryman from the ’90s, when most M-16s didn’t even have scopes, it’s hard for me to imagine launching a small toy plane and killing another man six miles away. And yet, if you were the man six miles away, how do you counter or defend against a bunch of small planes flying at you out of nowhere?

Second, there’s this bad boy. Brilliant and close to being effective already.

It’s not that these two weapons won’t prove valuable. It’s just I was trained in the old way, where you had to be able to carry your gear excruciating distances (like 18 miles, though on paper that distance was supposed to be 25 miles).

And you were supposed to be able to drill the shit out of a man with a rifle with iron sites at roughly 500 meters.

These tasks were no joke and took months and months of training, and you were damn proud of being able to achieve them. (And by God, let’s be honest… The women loved that shit and the guys who hated your ass usually got thrown across the bar.)

Now, we’re talking about having a machine carry your gear and then you toss a couple drones up in the air while you check your Facebook. (Okay, slight exaggeration, but not by much.)

I guess the days of having real war stories to tell are quickly coming to an end.

Hat tip on both items to

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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9 thoughts on “Crazy military technology… The end of good war stories?

    1. I’m glad you are. I’m seeing the start of a very boring movie with small planes and soft guys.

      I’d rather see a movie where all technology ceases to exist and we go back to hard men swinging swords and battle axes! : )


  1. Not sure that I am following the direction that the military is taking with these systems. I understand the desire to use technology to kill from afar, sparing the lives of the troops. But you still have to put boots on the ground. That can never change. Semper Fi.


  2. Stan, you never struck me as a Luddite. Can you catch the parallel between your message and the cartoon of one caveman saying to the other “The weather just hasn’t been the same since they invented the bow and arrow?”


    1. I think in military affairs, many who typically aren’t will be. Even after WWII, pilots were dreading the perfection of the jet engine, and then later air-to-air missiles.

      They wanted the light aircraft, the circling dogfights, the roaring cannons. Firing a missile from two miles away that aimed itself just wasn’t the same.


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