Where’d Stan go…

Sorry, everyone, that I’ve been out of it the past week.

Danah and I lost our home internet connection after our modem died, so we ordered the replacement item, only to realize it was the wrong item. So, we ordered another replacement item, which should arrive today. Here’s hoping it works. And let me tell you, it’s just delightful dealing with AT&T…

Anyway, I’ve missed reading everyone’s blog posts and commenting to my friends the past week. And I’ve found out that contrary to the typical belief that the Internet makes us less productive, in my case that’s completely false. I’m far more productive when I’m not pissed off and frustrated that I can’t get online. And for me, when I can’t get online to write blog posts and read about other author’s journeys, there’s just no motivation to write or handle my own business… So, I’ve done very little writing the past week, which in itself only brings my attitude lower.

I guess this means I feed off others, so I can’t wait to catch up with you all online soon.

Say a prayer to the Internet gods for me, that it might work tonight, and that it be good and not be like the Tree of Knowledge… Or, something like that…

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

P.P.S. Thanks to all who continue to make my novels a success. I seriously couldn’t have done it with everyone’s support. I’m excited to say that Little Man, and the Dixon County War  has gone as high as No. 16 on the Amazon UK Paid List (see here and here). My second novel, Sold Outhas also done well, going as high as No. 81 on the Amazon Paid List for the category of War (see here and here). Learn more about both books here.

11 thoughts on “Where’d Stan go…

  1. Glad to hear your voice again, Stan. Good luck with AT&T (I know your pain, I deal with telcos at work on a daily basis). Looking forward to having you back in the fold and writing once again!


      1. Well, let says that I’ve been writing consistently every day. It’s just been a matter of what to write. I’m no longer excited about the novel I was working on. It got me thinking more about stories themselves and what makes them tick. I figure I keep hitting these dead ends because I’m not thinking of a story, just little bits and pieces that don’t really go anywhere. So that’s going to be my subject of focus for a bit and see where that leads me.

        In the meantime, pounding out something everyday is good practice for me.


        1. Oh, man… I can sooooo relate….

          This happens to me all the time. And it’s why I’ve got about 30 unfinished ones…

          I’m still not sure what the answer is because guys like you and me have a paying job and we don’t have to write what we don’t want to write. (And I think we know this is part of the problem…)

          Anyway, if you come up with the answer, I’m hoping you share it!

          (Oh, and one tip I have learned is don’t tell anyone about your idea because as you re-tell it, it loses that exciting feeling… But I assume you’re not doing that already.)


    1. Well, ya know, I didn’t have anything to do with any missing dictators or terrorists in or about the area of Iraq or Iran… And I vehemently deny any such accusations and will immediately request you take any such further suggestions through my attorney from this point forward.


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