Coaches are human. Politicians, too.

In my state — or at least in East Tenn., UT football matters about as much as religion. Maybe more.

And for years now, UT has been struggling. We’re on our third Coach in about five or six years.

And a lot of folks are calling for his head — same as they do at major schools around the country when the team struggles. I don’t expect you to know our Coach or to even care, but as those who want him fired and those who want him retained have clashed, it’s gotten pretty heated and ugly.

A lot like politics.

And in the midst of this, a college senior at UT wrote a beautiful article about the situation that I think applies perfectly to our political situation.

This is WELL WORTH reading. Who knows. It might even help lower your blood pressure.

Article: Coach Dooley rumor in perspective.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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My latest thoughts on starting Tim Tebow…

Rex sticking with Sanchez after Dolphins pummel Jets.”

The headline from USA Today says it all. The Jets got pummeled. Rex Ryan, after drafting a big name QB to undermine his starter Sanchez, is now all in behind Sanchez. How stupid is that? You trade for a QB (Tebow) who helps shake the confidence of your starter, and then you say time and time again that you’re all in for Sanchez.

But, I’m not sure it matters. I’m not even sure I want Tebow starting at QB for the Jets, because let’s be clear: The Jets suck. No, I mean, the Jets REALLY SUCK.

They’re terrible.

I think their Coach looks like a buffoon — as if the Sanchez-Tebow situation isn’t bad enough, we’re talking about a Coach who hired a man he doesn’t even like to run their offense. (Link.) Why would you hire someone you don’t like? Even if you respect them? How does this create a team?

I’ve watched most of the Jets games this year in hopes of seeing some Tebow plays, and I’m still just stunned at how ridiculous this team looks. And how conservative their offense plays.

They’re a team of gimmicks, who can’t pull off basic fundamentals. And increasingly, it’s looking like Head Coach Rex Ryan will be out the door, and Tebow will be the main man — even if that takes until next year, because the owner has already said Tebow will be with them a full three years. (Link.)

But whenever Tebow becomes the main man, he’s going to have a shit-ton of weight on his shoulders because this team is going to take some serious carrying by somebody.

(And, no, before you go there, I’m not one of Tim Tebow’s religious fanatical fans.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.