Do not fall for the spin. We should not get involved in Syria.

The whole Syria rebellion continues to draw in many Americans, who increasingly want us to get militarily involved.

Given this, I’d like to say up front (while I won’t be accused of being unpatriotic) that I think us getting involved is a bad idea.

Let me say that again: America getting involved, even establishing a no fly zone, is a bad idea.

As most of my regular readers know, I’m tired of our country getting involved in conflict after conflict. (I even opposed us getting involved in Libya, though in the end that worked out far better than I would have expected.)

But, I think people need to remember that the moment you set up a no-fly zone, you’re no longer in control. And what I mean by that is you’ll have to have a reaction force nearby in case they shoot down one of our jets — or if one goes down due to mechanical failure.

And when you send in a reaction force, the chance for American casualties escalates greatly. And with casualties comes the demand for more troops and revenge, though we never call it “revenge.”

And let’s not forget this: Every time we get involved, we make other people mad when we don’t help them. (Not to mention we catch tons of terrible PR for “invading” another Muslim country — Do we really need to give al Jazeera more clips of our planes flying over a foreign land?)

So, please, ignore the sad scenes you see and the guilty feelings those in the media are trying to create. Yes, it’s terrible for the Syrian people, but they can handle fighting for their independence.

We, as a young set of weak American Colonies, fought one of the greatest armies in the world for years and years before we received serious foreign assistance. I think the Syrians can do the same, and I further think we want to avoid those living in Muslim lands seeing the sight of more Americans intervening in the Middle East, just months after we finished our exit from Iraq.

But what do you think? If you think I’m wrong, I’d love to hear your thoughts why. Unlike most, I’m actually the kind of person who listens to reasoned thoughts with an open mind.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

9 thoughts on “Do not fall for the spin. We should not get involved in Syria.

  1. Comment from Facebook: “Well written, Stan. If we just let these countries beat the crap out of themselves, there is no way they will have the ability to harm us in the future. If we arm them, however, one need look no further than Afghanistan where they are still using stuff against us that we gave them 30 years ago. I it is about stopping the spread of violence to outside a nations borders, we should only concern ourselves if the bordering nation is of true national security interest to the US, and not some fabricated politically spun interest either. If we do have to go in, we should remember that no war was ever won by those who were trying to keep peace, only by those who are willing to commit everything they have to total aggression and victory. If we cannot commit in that manner, we should stay clear of the situation.”


    1. My comment: “Great point. You remember when we went into Afghanistan, our troops finding CIA handbooks that taught the Mujahideen how to fight the Soviets in the ’80s? Which, by the way, we had (of course) distributed?”


  2. Today for the first time, when I read the front page NYT story, I was thinking we should establish a no-fly zone, since they’re doing air strikes, and rather than taking back territory, they’re just reducing it to rubble. I don’t want our troops involved in house-to-house fighting in a civil war, but we should do what we can to protect civilians. As you say, it worked well in Libya. If I were president, I’d at least want some serious and detailed options presented to me. Maybe I’d decide against it, but I would want to have it on the table in a concrete way.


      1. So then you leave. I’m inclined to try, but of course I’d need a lot more info that isn’t available to me, but is available to the Prez. You save as many people as you can without committing ground troops.


  3. Stan, glad to see you back in blogging action!

    I’m with you here. I supported the Afghan and even the Iraq war, but I’ve come to realize that the assumption we can make things better through intervention has turned out not to be the case. Whether or not it’s because the impetus or the execution was poor, it doesn’t matter. We’ve proven twice that we have an inability to be successful overall. We may win battles, but we never seem to win the war.

    And on your Libya comment, remember, it’s not over there yet. There’s still a lot that can go wrong, especially with all of the militias that will be reluctant to give up their power/weapons. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve created a new Somalia there.


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