My latest thoughts on starting Tim Tebow…

Rex sticking with Sanchez after Dolphins pummel Jets.”

The headline from USA Today says it all. The Jets got pummeled. Rex Ryan, after drafting a big name QB to undermine his starter Sanchez, is now all in behind Sanchez. How stupid is that? You trade for a QB (Tebow) who helps shake the confidence of your starter, and then you say time and time again that you’re all in for Sanchez.

But, I’m not sure it matters. I’m not even sure I want Tebow starting at QB for the Jets, because let’s be clear: The Jets suck. No, I mean, the Jets REALLY SUCK.

They’re terrible.

I think their Coach looks like a buffoon — as if the Sanchez-Tebow situation isn’t bad enough, we’re talking about a Coach who hired a man he doesn’t even like to run their offense. (Link.) Why would you hire someone you don’t like? Even if you respect them? How does this create a team?

I’ve watched most of the Jets games this year in hopes of seeing some Tebow plays, and I’m still just stunned at how ridiculous this team looks. And how conservative their offense plays.

They’re a team of gimmicks, who can’t pull off basic fundamentals. And increasingly, it’s looking like Head Coach Rex Ryan will be out the door, and Tebow will be the main man — even if that takes until next year, because the owner has already said Tebow will be with them a full three years. (Link.)

But whenever Tebow becomes the main man, he’s going to have a shit-ton of weight on his shoulders because this team is going to take some serious carrying by somebody.

(And, no, before you go there, I’m not one of Tim Tebow’s religious fanatical fans.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give.

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12 thoughts on “My latest thoughts on starting Tim Tebow…

  1. Nobody can carry that team. It’s gonna take a whole new thought process to straighten that mess out. There’s probably a lesson for us all in there somewhere.


    1. You know, you’re right, Tim. I wish I had said what you said.

      The team mutinied against Sanchez last year. They had a captain essentially quit — and Rex Ryan then said the team would no longer have team captains. And all you ever hear about is how fractured the team is and its locker room (part of why Tebow was brought in).

      Not even Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or Aaron Rogers could fix this team…


        1. Oh, I know! Holy cow, their O-line is terrible. Not as bad as Arizona’s, but definitely bad.

          That’s why I think for that point alone, you start Tebow. You tell him, “Look, try to pass it, but you know that line is going to fail you after about two seconds, so be prepared to run every play.”

          But then again, I’d take some hits for what they’re making… : )


  2. You’re quite right when you say getting Tebow was a mistake. Sanchez isn’t even a decent quarterback to begin with – then you shake him up even more by trading for Tebow. They SHOULD have shitcanned Sanchez altogether, passed on Tebow (who ain’t no quarterback either) and went for someone…anyone…Kyle Orton, Manning, a draft pick. Someone with skills who could help rebuild what is basically a team with no strengths, anywhere…


    1. In some ways, I feel for Sanchez. They told him he was IT. Called him “San-chise” — for franchise” and basically babied him the entire time and made him think he was God’s gift to the game. So, Sanchez started slacking, his team rebelled, and instead of coaching, Rex brings in Tebow for competition.

      Rex should have gotten on Sanchez’s ass, should not have signed such a long contract with him, and given him just this year to step up or pack up.

      And we’ll agree to disagree about whether Tebow is a quarterback or not… : )


      1. I think Sanchez has the talent…but so do a lot of promising athletes that folded. And I do agree that Rex handled the whole thing atrociously. Bringing in Tebow was a mistake, no matter what the other components. I personally think Tebow would make a great tight end….


        1. Damn, you nailed it, Thomas. He does have some talent and I never considered the whole flop principle.

          I know the last game, Sanchez didn’t even look like he wanted to be there. And I think we can all relate to that moment when you know — abso-freakin-lutely know — that you don’t measure up.

          Maybe he’ll dust himself off and show up next game, but I don’t think so. I think he’s getting worse and worse each week.


          1. And he’s not doing his trade stock any good either. It’s a pity..there’s such an aura surrounding being quarterback..but not everyone is supposed to be one. Look at Tebow’s main talent…running…why not put it to good use. He’d also make a bruiser of a fullback…


            1. I honestly think Tebow would excel at about any position (within reason). He’s an athletic freak, who stands out even among NFL talent.

              But even with that athletic accumen, I think his greatest strength is leadership and nutcase hunger for greatness. And I think he can best use these skills from the QB position — a position he’s shown success in at both the college and professional level. (Don’t forget that last year when he led the Broncos, he did not get to have a training camp with them because of the lock out, and thus didn’t know the system as well as he could have.)


  3. Most stunning about Sunday’s meltdown was the complete lack of physical play from New York. The offensive line is a shell of what it was, and it never had a chance against Miami. The Dolphins pushed the Jets around, snuffed out the run, dominated on special teams and left Sanchez to tie an ugly ribbon on the affair.


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