The best of the Tebow diss reaction

Wow. The Tim Tebow story exploded since my post earlier this morning about him being passed up as starter by third-string quarterback Greg McElroy.

Thankfully, Tebow is finally showing some pride and asking to be traded.

Here’s a round up of some of the best stuff.

  • “Tim Tebow isn’t merely a third-string quarterback on the New York Jets. He has become the symbol of dysfunction for an entire organization, the official mascot of Chaos, Inc. Here is the most popular athlete in the sport, according to many polls, and the Jets this season have benched him, misused him, humiliated him. They gave up too much material for him, a pair of draft choices. They paid him too much money, with a cap hit over $3 million. … This is about lack of respect. Ryan might have spared Tebow a bit of degradation by saying the former college star was still a bit off his game due to the rib injuries. Instead, Ryan said Tebow was just fine, thank you.” — Filip Bondy with the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
  • “Tebow waited patiently all season, never making a fuss about his lack of playing time. Man, did the Jets sell him a bill of goods or what? Only the Jets could bench the starting QB and upset the backup.” — Rich Cimini on ESPN
  • Cindy Boren trashes Tebow pretty much throughout her article and suggests he go to the CFL.
  • “Tebow was clearly agitated by the decision to start McElroy. After all, he had been the No. 2 quarterback for most of the season, though it now seems that was only so he could be in uniform to run the Wildcat plays and serve as the personal punt protector while McElroy was inactive. Now, it appears he was always the third-string quarterback in Ryan’s mind – or at least dropped to that depth at some point, perhaps after McElroy led a comeback victory over the Arizona Cardinals.” — Mike Garafolo for USA Today
  • And finally this, which I truly believe: “Here’s the irony: Given the chance, Tebow is probably Ryan’s type of quarterback. From the moment he took this job, Ryan indicated he just wanted someone back there who could manage a game and keep down the number of turnovers. Tebow might be able do that for the Jets, though we’ll never know now. It would have been fun to find out, to give Tebow a shot. It would have given Jet fans a reason to come to the game on Sunday, sit through the chill and renew their season tickets. Instead, they get McElroy, who will play-fake and hand off artfully without raising anyone’s pulse rate. Ryan wouldn’t even say on Tuesday whether he intended to activate Tebow for the game.” — Filip Bondy with the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

As most know, Tebow nearly mastered avoiding turnovers and managing tight games while in Denver, and it’s beyond shocking to me that Ryan didn’t use him to create the kind of smash-mouth, running team that Ryan typically loves.

In my mind, it’s Rex’s loss, while probably a majority of the country thinks Tebow won’t make it as a starter anywhere. Guess we’ll just have to see, but I’m not counting him out. He’s a fan darling and there are a bunch of really bad and average quarterbacks in the NFL right now.

(And, no, before you go there, I’m not one of Tim Tebow’s religious fanatical fans.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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8 thoughts on “The best of the Tebow diss reaction

    1. I saw that, John. Thanks! And I saw we follow some of the same blogs, and I’m going to be checking out the others I didn’t know.

      Again, thanks! Look forward to trying to do the same exercise. : )


  1. I still can’t believe the circus going on there. Watching that last game tells me it’s going to take a lot more than a different quarterback to bail them out.


    1. Yeah, it’s been murder for me this year being forced to keep up with the Jets because Tebow was there. I didn’t like loud-mouth Rex Ryan before this year. Now, I really can’t stand him.


  2. It seems an indictment on Jets management more than the coaching. It does seem a pitiful shame that they never really wanted to take a lap with Tebow as the engine that drove the car. Pride clearly had something to do with it. I think history will remember this Jets debacle in light of the Patriots. Everyone knew that the Patriots wanted to draft Tebow, so Josh McDaniels and the Broncos went up aggressively and got him. The Patriots have some kind of voodoo on evaluating talent (except cornerback), and they were drooling to get their hands on Tebow. The Jets, who really didn’t want for the Patriots to get Tebow going in their own division, outbid everyone else when he was traded after Manning signed on. But they never wanted him. They just wanted to make sure the Patriots didn’t get him. And he’s been wasted. It’s a shame really. I’m not a Tebow fan. You have the best chance of winning with a Manning/Brady/Rodgers type. That’s not God’s law, but it’s just how the game is played and officiated nowdays. But it’s been wrong to see Tebow done this way. Still, I imagine in the larger scope of his life, it’s just more fuel for him to have in reserve for the next race.


    1. Hey Steven,

      Great to hear from you. And I didn’t know that back story on Tebow and why he was drafted when he was. As I’ve said before, I’m a latecomer to being a Tebow fan. And you’re right about adding fuel to his fire. Even the Tebow haters acknowledge he got screwed — though some might say he sucks so bad that he would have had a shot had he practiced better.

      My counter to that is he did everything the Jets asked of him, including blocking. And he learned that stupid Wildcat BS and probably never learned the system very well.

      Finally, I will always believe that there are those who practice well, and those who play well. I think Tebow is in the latter category.



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