Tim Tebow’s history of being slighted and wronged continues

I’ve been pulling my hair out over the Tim Tebow situation for weeks, and I thought nothing would top the embarrassing, ridiculous Jets loss on Monday night. (Yeah, that one. The one where Sanchez threw four interceptions and was at least 50 percent responsible for a fumbled snap.)

But then the Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan announced his starter for this week and I realized I was wrong, yet again.

Ryan will start Greg McElroy, his third-string quarterback. Tim Tebow, his second-string quarterback, apparently had his one shot with a single, three-down series he got during Monday night’s game.

I really don’t know where to start. I could rail about how unfair this is to Tebow, given how many games Sanchez had to try to make it work.

I could rail about how bad Sanchez has been, but that would be unfair, as well. I saw clearly on Monday, while Sanchez was playing pretty strong, how disruptive putting Tebow in both looked and proved. Other former quarterbacks have commented on this, as well, saying it disrupts your rhythm and confidence.

But ultimately this comes down to Rex Ryan. He has gone from being what I thought was a pretty good coach to coming off looking like an absolute idiot. He admitted after Monday’s game that he only put Tebow in when he did because that was planned prior to the game, meaning he ignored how Sanchez was playing and how the tempo of the game was going and just executed an arbitrary decision.

He further ignored how bad Sanchez was playing after that series, and after interception and interception and interception, he still didn’t making a quarterback change — and literally, the entire Jets season, and possibly his job, was on the line.

Now, he’s going to start a QB that, as The New York Times reporter Zach Schonbrun said, has thrown seven career passes. Yes, you read that right. Rex Ryan is going to start Greg McElroy, a QB who has thrown seven career passes. He will overlook and not start Tim Tebow, a QB who won eight games with the Broncos, including a playoff game against the tough Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now, there’s a chance that Tebow doesn’t know the system. That he’s been learning this stupid Wildcat stuff and McElroy literally knows the system better. Perhaps that’s the case. I would give Rex Ryan the benefit of the doubt on this, but he no longer rates my benefit of the doubt.

He has shown gross ineptitude and incompetence, and his team has gone from playing in two AFC Championship Games his first two years to going 8-8 last year and ending this year with a non-winning record. This downhill trend certainly implies Rex was given a team that he’s run into the ground. Maybe that’s not the case, but a track record is a track record. And you have to wonder whey in the world he even wanted to bring Tebow in for this year, given how the year has gone down. Did he not think there would be a media storm? Could he be holding this against Tebow?

Either way, it appears Tim Tebow’s history of being slighted and wronged will continue. (And, no, before you go there, I’m not one of Tim Tebow’s religious fanatical fans.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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2 thoughts on “Tim Tebow’s history of being slighted and wronged continues

  1. I watched that last game. Couldn’t look away. Like a train wreck.

    I predict some house cleaning in New York. Wrecking ball and bulldozer housecleaning.

    I hope Tebow comes out of it okay.


    1. Yeah, that was one of the worst games by a “playoff-possibility” team that I’ve ever seen this deep in the season. And I think there will be massive change at the Jets. The General Manager really needs to go, since he’s making most of the terrible personell decisions.

      And I think you have to look seriously at getting rid of Ryan. No team captain? (The only team in the NFL w/o one.) Bring in Tim Tebow? Helping agree to such a huge contract with Sanchez, after trying to get Peyton Manning and later bringing in Tebow? I mean, if you were looking at Manning and brought in Tebow, you MUST have had some doubts about Sanchez, so why the massive and long contract?


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