My Christmas in review

I’m late getting this post up, but better late than never. Been battling some sickness that knocked me down a bit.

But, it tis what it tis.

EXIF_JPEG_T422Anyway, I had a great Christmas, and I thought I’d say few words about it.

First, I got some sweet martial arts related items. From a new martial arts uniform (or gi), to an awesome swinging punching target, to yet another Shaolin Kung Fu book, I’m all set in this arena. (Well, at least for a while.)

Second, I got plenty of great movies and books. All action related or motivational in nature.

And finally, my wife tracked down some sweet, hard-to-find unit stickers and pins from my old infantry unit in the Marine Corps — Alpha Co., 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment. I’m sure I’m missing something. (Initially, I had it all piled together with book and movie titles, who gave me what, and on and on. I mean, I was going to be the best blogger ever. But, then I got sick, we cleaned up (well, some), and my best intentions fell apart. But, I did nab a photo of me by our Christmas Tree, and I am throwing this post up, which follows a principle I try to follow: Never let perfect be the enemy of good.

So, here’s hopefully a “good” post about my Christmas. So… How was everyone else’s Christmas?

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give, a book I believe to be worth $10,000.

P.P.S. Thanks to all who continue to make my novels a success. I seriously couldn’t have done it with everyone’s support. I’m excited to say that Little Man, and the Dixon County War  has gone as high as No. 16 on the Amazon UK Paid List (see here and here). My second novel, Sold Outhas also done well, also, going as high as No. 81 on the Amazon Paid List for the category of War (see here and here). Learn more about both books here.

15 thoughts on “My Christmas in review

  1. So Larabee wants you to sign his book? Does this mean it’s actually in print? If so, I want your autograph, too, Stan. Faling that, I suppose I could get you to sign my monitor screen when I have it downloaded from Amazon….


      1. Dang, I’ll do that, but wish it were hardback, because Brandt deals with that much better. He goes through books like fire. Nonetheless, I’ll get – both of them? – and drop by to have you sign ’em.


        1. Sounds good. And you’ll be surprised at how well they’re constructed. I edited, folded, laid ’em spine-out, etc., when I got my proofs in. They’re well made, as far as surviving hard reading.


  2. Glad to hear that you had a Merry Christmas, Stan. Have to share this with you, you’ll understand. Just finished my 30th Christmas at UPS. Had a temp helper ride with me every day, as UPS does this time of year. This year I had a Marine, been out 7 years or so. He was an Amtraker, got out as a Staff Sergeant. We had a blast! Swapping stories, about life before, during and after the Corps. Motivated me unlike I had been in years. Actually had me singing cadence as I jogged back to the truck. Reminded me that some things can never be taken from us, those things that we are made of. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours. And as always, Semper Fi. And I almost forgot. The best part was getting to tell a Staff Sergeant what to do!


    1. Mike!

      So good to hear from you. It’s been too long.

      And I definitely appreciate that story. I’ve lately been reminiscing more about my time in, trying to recall some of the cadences we used to sing, though ironically, i hated singing cadences to no end when I was in. And recently, I even grabbed my rabbit-eared copy of the Guidebook for Marines to flip through a few weeks ago.

      I think the Marine Corps is a bond that just grows stronger and deeper as you get older and look back on it. Back to your UPS story, how was the SSGT adjusting to being out? It’s so hard making that transition…


      1. Stan,
        I’ve been around, usually trolling. The whole cadence thing brought back a lot of memories. I told my wife, that we used to have to sing one about “We love to double time”, when in reality we hated to double time! And I concur the older we get the more we appreciate those things that shaped us in our youth. From certain teachers, to yes, our time in the Corps. And as far as my Christmas helper, he spent a few years kicking around the corporate world. And like I have witnessed, he saw those that didn’t deserve promotion getting pushed up the ladder and those that actually do a good job and care, getting held back. So, he walked away from it and enrolled in the nursing program at the local community college. Same program that my oldest daughter went through and is now an ICU nurse. I can certainly understand the desire to feel as if one is making a difference. He works as a seasonal helper at UPS to compensate for his VA benefits being reduced in the month of December. I didn’t know that it’s based on how much time that you actually go to school. Less classroom time, the lower the check. And they could care less about the reduced schedule for the holidays. Anyway, I hope that you have recuperated from your illness and have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Semper Fi.


        1. Yeah, I’m feeling much better and started moving the weights again, so I’m nearly a hundred percent.

          And I didn’t know that about the VA benefits. When I’m not on a self-motivated high on life, I have to admit it’s brutal and will just dog and wear down the best of us.

          I caught up with one of my buddies I served with 10+ years ago recently, and he’s dealing with a divorce and we were just talking about how much tougher life is than you ever imagined while you were in, or when you were a kid.


  3. Stan, I just read “Sold Out’. i couldn’t put it down! You are an excellent writer. Every page was too good to quit reading! All the best in 2013. More book please. I will be reading “Little Man” tonight!!!


    1. Hey Dr. Stanley!

      Great to hear from you! And thanks for the kind words. I’d love it if you just put that up as a quick review on Amazon. Reviews on there are the best chance I have of being discovered by a large audience!



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