Wanting to hear from my friends

I don’t have a whole lot to write about today, but when I don’t post, I don’t hear from my friends, who are always so gracious to comment, so I thought I’d throw up a quick post.

In Stan’s world, life is great! My book sales are up! Yay!!! And I’m making some of the best progress I’ve made in weeks on my next Nick Wood’s novel — you know, the one currently titled Mexican Heat. (Here’s the scoop on it for those who haven’t been taking notes…)

A powerful drug cartel, led by a madman, threatens to topple Mexico’s government.

An American Seal Team sent to handle the situation is ambushed and decimated.

Can one of America’s greatest warriors stop this madman?

My great friend — really, my bestie — April Snellings has been motivating the hell out of me of late and we’ve been reporting word counts each night to each other so we can track our progress — she’s got a novel well underway, as well. Best of all, April has agreed to edit Mexican Heat when I finish it.

Of course, that will probably be the last I hear of her because she’ll have finished her book by that point and I’ve read the beginning of it and holy shit is it good. Not only is she a way better writer than me, she also has the kind of big-shot connections you can only get by working for an international magazine.

Of course, if I knock Mexican Heat out of the park, then maybe she’ll still at least take my calls. So far … it feels like it’s on the mark. Shit-tons of action. Ripping pace. And gripping tension.

So, my writing is going well and I’m having a blast on this work.

In other matters, the newspaper business is going great and my wife and I have added two new employees in the past month. Plus, we got a week off for Christmas, which after two years without a vacation, was direly needed! Recharged business owner = more bling in the bank. Cha-ching!

Finally, I’ve been adding some serious weight lifting in with my martial arts training, so I feel more energized and and the ladies seem to be noticing, which is always nice when you’re like three feet tall like me! (Okay, I’m the same height as Tom Cruise, but I don’t have the special shoes…)

So what’s up with everyone else? I love hearing from you guys and since I’ve said so much about myself, why don’t you guys give me the latest down low with you all? And so help me, if I get a “I’m-doing-well” type comment, I’m sending Nick Woods after your ass.

I want specifics. Like, how the writing is going. Whether you’ve avoided the flu (ahem, Gus and Phillip…). And how many copies of my books you’ve been selling out of the back of your trunk. (Speaking of which, I need like a Mary Kay type program where you guys get kickbacks on that shit or something…)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give, a book I believe to be worth $10,000.

P.P.S. Thanks to all who continue to make my novels a success. I seriously couldn’t have done it with everyone’s support. I’m excited to say that Little Man, and the Dixon County War  has gone as high as No. 16 on the Amazon UK Paid List (see here and here). My second novel, Sold Outhas also done well, going as high as No. 81 on the Amazon Paid List for the category of War (see here and here). Learn more about both books here.

20 thoughts on “Wanting to hear from my friends

  1. Son, So thankful you and Danah are doing much better! Success is worth working for and waiting for. Just take time for each other. Love, Mom and Dad


  2. Stan, it really did brighten my day a bit to read how well things are going on your next book. I dig the synopsis and can’t wait to read the finished copy. I’m also glad to hear things are going well with the newspaper biz. I know you and your wife work hard, so it’s nice to hear it’s paid off!

    Myself, I’m finally feeling much better. I’m not out of the woods yet (damned cough still there), but I’m miles away from how I was feeling the past week. I’m trying to get a short story cranked out for the LitReactor contest, but it’s giving me a hell of a time. I keep thinking in novel-sized ideas, so trying to write a short story again has not been easy. But it’s a good exercise!

    Speaking of, back to the writing for me… Have a great weekend.


    1. Thanks, Phillip, for the kind words! And man, I’ve been feeling for you. It just sounds like you got absolutely clobbered by the flu….

      So, tell me a little bit about the story you’re working on for the LitReactor contest. Maybe I can help you massage the idea and pull something together. (You can always email me if you prefer to do it offline in a more private format.)

      But if I don’t hear from you, i.e. you’re focused on writing, good luck getting it done and thanks again for dropping by and all you’ve done for me!


  3. Glad to hear things are going so well on your end! Congrats on the Oak Ridge Observer expansion! And that you guys finally got a break!

    On my end, your posts have finally motivated me to get up off my rear and start writing some stories of my own. I made it through a severely rough draft of a short story over a month and I’ll be starting a new one this week. Starting short to get my head in the game, but it’s been helpful as while I’ve been writing and brainstorming those, my stuck novel ideas seem to start unfolding themselves.


    1. Oh, Julio, that’s great news! I’m so glad you’re taking your talents and applying them toward some great fiction!

      And I think it’s brilliant you’re starting out with short stories to get some early wins. In the end, it’s all about confidence. (For example, I have no idea how Mexican Heat will end, but I’ll just keep moving to that point with the confidence that I’ll figure it out then… No point in staying stalled out while I try to figure it out; better to keep moving and let the muse tell me when she’s ready…)


      1. Thanks, Stan! I appreciate that! We’ll see how “great” the fiction actually turns out, but given how long these ideas have been bouncing around my head, it’s time to get them on paper.

        And I’ve heard it’s all about just sitting down to do it, inspiration (or muse) be damned! 🙂


        1. It really is all about that.

          I believe I once read that Robert B. Parker, one of my favorite authors, said something like, “Keep your ass in the chair. That’s the secret.”


    1. Thanks, Tim. And you get a pass on not being more specific! First, you’re quieter than hell, and second, anyone who served our country as you have doesn’t have to share a damn word if they don’t want to.

      Oh, and I wanted to share with you that just as you wrote me an email a month or two ago that really helped encourage me, I recently did the same with another writer and I think it had a similar impact. So, I did my small part to help turn that little ripple you started into what I hope becomes a wave. A wave of encouragement, good cheer, and grit.


  4. Hey, Stan:
    Enjoying perusing your blog(s). Plan to pick up Sold Out — liked the free NOOK sample. I’m trying to be disciplined about my reading and do research work first (not that that’s not a pleasure).
    I like where you’re coming from. I, too, am a martial artist (Nick Cerio’s Kenpo) and an action fiction enthusiast. My novel-in-progress features an American sniper the Canadian forces in World War I (inspired by Herbert McBride, who wrote the classic “A Rifleman Went to War,” which I imagine you’re familiar with).
    BTW, I did a story for my newspaper this week on a local veteran, badly wounded in Iraq, who is volunteering with the Wounded Warrior Project. I’ll shoot you a link when it’s up (we’re a weekly).
    Jim Cornelius


    1. Hey, Jim! Great to hear from you again! And glad you enjoyed the free Nook sample. I think you’ll really like the book if you get time to read it — your earlier comment from last week almost certainly applies: we’re so alike it’s a little scary. : )

      In fact, I used to take Kajukenbo; reached the rank of Purple Belt and it’s my understanding that Kajukenbo and Kenpo are very similar. (These days I’m doing mostly Shaolin Kung Fu, with a little Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Jeet Kune Do.)

      I look forward to reading your novel when you get it done, and definitely send me a link for that story. Thanks for stopping by!



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