Ravens take the Super Bowl; Danah and I celebrate like crazy!

Danah and I enjoyed the Super Bowl tonight at a small party with two couple friends.

2013-02-03 22.02.02(1)We were all in for the Ravens from the moment the Patriots (my favorite team the past few years) and the Packers were beat out of the Playoffs.

Weirdly, Danah and I both respected and appreciated the 49ers big time last year, and most of this year. That is until their Coach benched Alex Smith following his injury. It was an absolute jerk move to make against a player who was playing well enough to not even have come close to losing his job.

But once the Patriots and Packers were out, we knew who we were for.

Ravens all the way.

Ravens because the 49ers coach is a jerk.

Ravens because we love Ray Lewis.

Ray Lewis has reminded me of Reggie White for a long time and while I know there are plenty of haters against him, I say let the past go and forgive the man. He’s influenced and inspired millions, myself included. Big time, in fact.

One of the things Shaolin Kung Fu teaches is livign in the moment, and few people live in the moment — and with as much passion — as Ray Lewis. It’s something we could all learn from him.

You only have this moment, right now, once. Seize it. Breathe it. Live it.

So, with that, here’s a couple of Ray Lewis tribute clips. Watch them and get fired up. Get off your ass, let out a war cry, and get after your goals.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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6 thoughts on “Ravens take the Super Bowl; Danah and I celebrate like crazy!

  1. I was for the Ravens also, but I admired the 49ers for coming back from such a deficit they had at half-time. Would you believe though that Daddy went to bed with four minutes to go? So I really did not know who won until I checked my E-Mail this morning. I had glad you and Danah had a good time with other people during the Super Bowl. Had a great day!!!!!! Love, Mom



    1. Oh, wow! I don’t know how Dad did that. The game was so stressful those last four minutes! (Though, of course, it shouldn’t have been if Joe Flacco had run more time off the clock on numerous plays in the latter half of the 4th Quarter — instead, he kept hiking the ball with between twelve and fifteen seconds on the clock.)


  2. A good game. I kinda agree with your assessment of the quarterback change at SF. The new kid (Kaepernick) is good though, no doubt. He’s done better than I thought he would.


    1. No question that he’s very talented and really done all you can ask of him. Yet having said that, I will always wonder if a veteran QB like Alex Smith might not have been more composed in the First Half and kept it closer… And, of course, I’m implying by that comment that I think the 49ers would have ended up winning had Smith been the starter.


      1. Ah, a good question. Being as old as I am, I always root for the more experienced quarterback 🙂 .

        I think either team had a good chance in this one, but SF actually had a better chance. It was a matter of coaching. The Ravens coach pulled it out, though I think he screwed up with the fake field goal in the first half.


        1. Hey, by NFL standards, I’m already at retirement age, so you better believe I’m pulling for the older guy!

          And I was semi-okay with the fake FG — I wouldn’t have done it — but really angry about the terrible clock management by the Ravens in the last half of the 4th Qtr.


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