Homeless surfer dude turns huge hero

Wow! I love this guy.

I watched this video earlier today from a news site and it totally made my day. I swear, after watching this, I’m pretty much convinced that the path to peace is either:

A) Moving to a Shaolin monastery.

B) Surfing and living on the street.

(Warning: Contains graphic language.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckfBGdZoR_0

And here’s the link to the news story if you’re half as interested in this guy as I am! (Mystery ‘surfer dude’ hero takes the web by storm: Hitchhiker who stopped crazed driver from brutally attacking three bystanders.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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10 responses to “Homeless surfer dude turns huge hero

  1. One of the good guys… but no white hat. 😉


    • Great point. He’d make a great character. Complex as hell. Some may see him as a deadbeat, a drifter, whatever. And yet as I saw the stack of bills I need to go through, thought of work today, and all of other life’s stress, I thought, “I could probably handle not knowing my last name, or may age, for a while. Hell, give me a backpack and a couple hundred dollars and I’d be in heaven for at least a while.” : )

      Well, at least until I got back and all those bills hadn’t been sorted or paid, and my life was a complete wreck. I have no idea how someone goes completely off the grid like that. Or how they ever get back on… I mean, even not having credit or filed tax returns… How does that end up working out in the end…


  2. The path to peace is inside us, so we can live it anytime, anywhere. It’s right here, but so hard to get to.


    • So very well said. After typing my post earlier, it occured to me that you don’t have to go to a Shaolin Monastery. I’ve had that peace, right in my very own study and kitchen, but my is it hard to hang onto. Without question, it would be simpler to attain it at a Shaolin Monastery, but you’re right: We can attain right where we stand, at this very moment. Just a few deep breaths and a focus on living in the moment and being supremely thankful…


      • It’s why people go on retreats, for a weekend or a week or a month, but when they go home, nothing changes. They’ve simply been in a peaceful place, but they’ve haven’t become peaceful people.


  3. Nancy England

    No doubt about it, I live a cloistered life here, dotting my ‘i’s and crossing my ‘t’s. It does us well to be exposed to other facets of life. As a newspaper guy and retired Marine, you’ve certainly met your share of Different. Thanks for sharing that. Truly.


    • Glad you like it, Nancy. And as a newspaper guy and retired Marine, you without question inspire the hell out of me. Your energy, your refusal to stand with the crowd, your help of so, so many people… Very, very inspiring…


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