New medal for cyber warriors and drone pilots over-rated

I’m with the VFW, or Veterans of Foreign Wars, on this new new medal for cyber warriors and drone pilots.

See story here: VFW Wants New Medal Ranked Lower.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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11 thoughts on “New medal for cyber warriors and drone pilots over-rated

  1. Wholeheartedly agree with that Stan. Not saying the cyber warrior and drone pilot jobs are easy and that in certain circumstances they make potential espionage targets, but that seems to be stretching things and they’re certainly not dodging mortars.


  2. Has any drone pilot or cyber-warrior ever been awarded the Bronze Star? If not, why would we give them an award *above* a Bronze Star – with Valor?

    Unmanned Vehicles and Cyber-Warfare are permanent facets of our military’s current and future operations, but until we have some kind of Hollywood-esque “deadly feedback” that can kill the pilot if the drone dies, they should not be able to receive an award that meets – never mind exceeds – awards earned in the midst of combat.


  3. It does seem a bit of a stretch to compare any danger that a drone pilot faces to the in-your-f’ing-face danger a soldier in the middle of the sh*t faces.

    These people are an integral part of the war machine now, but let’s keep it real.


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