Almost no good news for Tim Tebow fanatics

Things are darker than hell in Tim Tebow land right now, and I haven’t seen a positive article about him in weeks. (Yes, I have a google search set on him, and no, that doesn’t make me gay. Or, does it?)

But finally yesterday my daily alert came up with something other than his Christian values or lack thereof, depending on where you stood regarding whether he should have spoken at the anti-gay church. He canceled that talk, and was thoroughly ripped from both sides for either caving or still being a Bible-following idiot.

Anyway, here’s the best (and only) news I’ve seen in weeks: Tebow article that’s not about God. (Hope you appreciate my headline…)

Realistically, it seems there’s almost no chance Tebow will start this next year, and very little that he’ll actually even be a QB back-up. And yet, I’m still convinced he’ll be a starter. If not this year, then next.

Why?How can Stan believe something that literally no analyst believes.

No, you moron, I don’t think it has shit to do with Jesus, miracles, or any other Biblical reason. I just still believe he’s absolutely nuts and hardcore crazy about practicing and hard work, and as someone who tries to be the same, I believe that kind of work ethic pays off. (If it doesn’t, someone please tell me. I’d rather stop now and chill than keep up this pace for nothing.)

So, we’ll see. But my bottom line is this: Keep me in the Tim Tebow optimist column. (And, no, before you go there, I’m not one of Tim Tebow’s religious fanatical fans.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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