Free action/crime book that I can personally vouch for

If you like action books/movies, here’s a free book you need to download while it’s still free. My author friend Jack Badelaire has his book up for free for one day and one day only.

And yes, I’ve read it and really enjoyed it.

Here’s the review I wrote of it after I read it:

Killer Instincts rocks from its first page to its last. It takes a great book — full of action and tension — to keep my attention, and Jack Badelaire delivers with this tale of vigilante justice.

Best of all, it’s not just plot-driven drivel. You really find yourself connecting with young William Lynch as he deals with the tragedy of losing his family.

And as a Marine who served four years in the infantry, it was nice to come across an author who understands weapons and tactics.

I highly recommend Killer Instincts, and I eagerly await a follow up book: I can’t wait to see how where William Lynch’s new career takes him!

Here’s the link to it: Killer Instincts [Kindle Edition].

Oh, and even if you’re not interested in it, you can help Jack by downloading it for free and never reading it, if you have an Amazon account. Doing so will help his book climb up the charts and gain additional exposure to more readers.

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. Please accept the greatest gift I can give, a book I believe to be worth $10,000.

P.P.S. Thanks to all who continue to make my novels a success. I seriously couldn’t have done it with everyone’s support. Please continue to talk about them, share links to them, and review them where you can. Oh, and don’t forget to follow my blog — you can do so by email up at the top right of the page.

9 thoughts on “Free action/crime book that I can personally vouch for

  1. Just saw this post, jumped on the Kindle and snagged it. It was still free! Tagging along on a business trip with the wife next week, was looking for some reading material. And if you recommend it, that will suffice. Burnt through “Soldier On” very quickly, still waiting on another novel from you, don’t leave us hanging!


    1. Glad it was still free, Mike. I KNOW that you’ll like it, given how well I know you. It’s straight up our kind of book.

      And if you get a chance before you leave on that business trip, can you drop a short two or three sentence review down on “Soldier On?” Right now, it doesn’t have any, so it’s selling about as well as $80,000 RVs are! That is, it practically isn’t. : )


      1. Been meaning to do just that since I read it, but hadn’t. Thanks for the motivation. And, I drew the line between the letter that you wrote to Gen Neller and the platoon Commander in the book. Good stuff. SF.


        1. Thanks a million for dropping that review, Mike! And I love what you wrote. Sometimes you get too close to something as an author, but you added some nice touches to what the book is really about.

          Again, thanks a mill. Semper Fi from Oak Ridge…


  2. Burnt through Killer Instinct, and all I can say is Wow! Good, good stuff. So now I’m hooked on Jack, read Commando Operation Arrowhead yesterday, downloaded Operation Bedlam and The Train to Calais this morning. Being in Florida while the wife is on business leaves me plenty of time to read. Thanks for the heads up! SF.


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