My anniversary message to my wife Danah

I think the greatest asset a man can have is a strong woman who believes in him. I’m extremely blessed to have that, and it’s something I definitely do not deserve. Almost five years ago, I met Ms. Danah, and we’ve hardly been separated since.Three years ago today, she married me.

So, I just wanted to say, “Thank you, my love, for always believing in me. For seeing a businessman where others saw a man who earned little and struggled under boatloads of debt. For seeing an author when others just saw a dreamer with about 30 unfinished manuscripts. For seeing a strong and wise man when others just saw a guy who was scared and delusional and one bad cashflow week away from being completely bankrupt.”

I knew I was marrying an incredible woman three years ago, who was beautiful, funny, and artistic, but I had no idea what a friend you’d be, what an incredible business partner you’d become, and what an amazing cheerleader you’d prove regardless of whether I was trying to work on the newspaper or publish a book.

“You took me as I was, you threw yourself into our business, and you’ve suffered FAR too much stress, long workweeks, and missed vacations. It’s my greatest hope that I can make all of this up to you someday, and that I can be just 1/10th of the man you think I am. I love you tons and tons and tons…”

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

P.S. If you enjoy fast-paced books, you just might like my works. “Sold Out” tracks the life of a legendary Marine Sniper after a CIA unit decides to kill him for reasons of national security. “Little Man, and the Dixon County War” tells the uphill fight a young deputy faces after surviving three years of war only to find himself in the sights of a mighty cattle baron. And “Soldier On,” a short novel, follows the lives of several German soldiers in a depleted infantry company trying to make it through the final, miserable months of World War II.

10 thoughts on “My anniversary message to my wife Danah

  1. Holy crap…my boyfriend will hate you soon. He will probably never say anything that amazing to me and there will be hell to pay and he won’t even know why!!!!! Perhaps in an effort to contain the mass fallout of what could potentially be so harmful to all men…you should immediately delete this post!!! hehe hehe jk jk I am happy you found her Stan. She IS a great woman. You are one lucky man. Congratulations on holding onto her for another year! But don’t forget how amazing YOU are. You’re a great catch too. She is smart enough to know it.


  2. Happy Anniversary!!! May your love……and your careers/newspaper continue to grow!! Ecclesiastes 4:9-10- Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.


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