U.S. pulls last tanks out of Germany

Here’s reason number 101 for why we shouldn’t stick our noses in everyone’s business.

The U.S. Army just wrapped up shipping its last tanks home from Germany. That’s right, almost 70 years after World War II, we’ve finally pulled the last of our tanks out of Germany. (Story here.)

On the bright side, at the height of our troop deployments there, we had right at 6,000 tanks in Germany.

Nothing like defending a country that we spent millions of dollars and years and years to defeat. Speaking of which, this seems to sound like our situation in Japan. Oh, and in South Korea. Oh, and in Kuwait.

Since I’ve almost given up on convincing my fellow Americans to become okay with a more British-like, post-World War II situation where we downsize our forces and leave everyone alone, I’m wondering if I can get people on board with charging these countries for providing for their defense?

After all, we’ve got to be one of the only countries in history who hasn’t used their military for conquest. (Hat tip on this story goes to Brandon Friedman.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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8 thoughts on “U.S. pulls last tanks out of Germany

  1. Fighting the Soviets in that part of the world was what we trained for, when I was in the Corps. And trying to stop the massive number of Russian tanks was a big part of it. So, one time, the engineers dug a trench, oh, about three feet wide and five feet deep. Then, we got in the trench and they lined up three M-60 tanks. “Imagine these are Soviet tanks coming at your position”, we were told. “Let them drive over top of you, then jump up and shoot them in the ass end with a LAWS rocket”. The powers that be didn’t think about the trench collapsing. Or if they did, they didn’t share it with us. Took us a little while to dig one guy out. But hey, it was realistic training. Except we didn’t have LAWS rockets to shoot at the tanks with. Which was probably a good thing. And yes I agree, these folks can either defend themselves or pay us a whole lot of money to do it. On second thought, screw the money. Not one more American life should be sacrificed not defending OUR soil. SF.


      1. Bob C. from San Antonio was his name. Didn’t realize it at the time, but it was a presage of things to come. He rode the roof down in Beirut. And it was him doing the digging then. SF.


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