New medal for cyber warriors and drone pilots cancelled

I wrote about the proposed new medal for cyber warriors and drone pilots back in February, and how I agreed with the VFW that it should in no way be ranked higher than a Bronze Star.

I mean, really? Someone in a chair gets an award higher than someone who actually gets fired at? (Note: I am not saying drone pilots don’t do important work. Increasingly, in fact, their work exceeds in importance that of ground pounders like me. But that does not mean they are braver or should be rewarded as such.)

Anyway, yesterday the idea for the medal was canceled. See here.

Thank you, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, for showing some common sense.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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7 thoughts on “New medal for cyber warriors and drone pilots cancelled

    1. Hah! Well said. But I will say I’m really liking Secretary Hagel. Having a prior enlisted man there may be the best thing yet. I read a few weeks back that he had a lunch with like six or nine enlisted folks and told them to just start griping and tell him everything that they saw was messed up.

      The Generals were livid and wanted some officers in the room, or at least some of their aides, and Hagel said, “No way. Deal with it.”


  1. I had my doubts about Sec. Hagel to begin with, but like you, am coming around. Had not heard about the lunch, but I have to admire him for doing that. Not many folks in his position even consider the opinion of enlisted personnel. I remember hearing Sgt. Major Bess, of 1/8, say one time that “As long as the Lance Corporals and the PFCs are bitching, they’re happy. When they get quiet, it’s time to start worrying”. Words of wisdom.


    1. Agreed. Too early to say one way or the other, but so far so good regarding Hagel. After that hearing, holy cow, I was worried… I believe a PFC straight out of Paris Island could have done better!


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