Marines deploy to Spain as emergency response force

We all know that when you need something done, you send in the Marines.

The Department of Defense decided this week to forward deploy 550 Marines (along with plenty of air-lift support) to Spain. The Department wants the Marines staged near Africa and other hot spots so that the next time an attack happens against an embassy or consul (such as what happened at the compound in Benghazi, Libya), forces are already staged nearby.

My readers know I’m not much of a fan of all these alliances and interventions overseas, but if we’re going to be involved, then we need rapid-action forces nearby.

Sound move by the Defense Department in my opinion.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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6 thoughts on “Marines deploy to Spain as emergency response force

  1. Part of me reads this article and thinks, ” 550 Marines? What’s that like, a reinforced company? Wonder what kinds of weapons they’re taking?”. The other part of me reads it and thinks, ” HELL NO! When are we going to learn?”. Is this really the answer? The Republicans are letting the Pentagon put together a response team, this decision based on the request of an Army general that conveniently “retired” after Benghazi? Too many question marks for me. When the shit hits the fan, it will be these Marines that will pay the price. Not because they aren’t one of the best trained fighting forces in the world, because they are. It will be because some jack-wagon in D.C. is making the decision where to send them. My two cents. SF.


    1. Hey Mike,

      Good thoughts.

      Regarding the danger to them when it hits the fan, my assumption is these Marines would only respond to attacks involving small unit attacks or light weapon/terrorist attacks/mob violence. And in that kind of scenario, even a good hundred Marines can more than take care of the situation. In Albania, we only sent in two platoons, if memory serves me correctly.

      A few riflemen can quickly take down any threat. Remember when that Marine Platoon in Afghanistan was ambushed by like 250 Taliban? The thirty of them attacked INTO the ambush and killed like a hundred and drove them off as if it wasn’t even a challenge. I can find that link for you if you want to read that story.

      Anyway, great hearing from you! S/F



      1. I remember reading about that. I guess that I have too many ghosts of deployments past haunting me. We both know what a large can of whoop-a$$ Marines take with them, I would just hate to see them get stuck in a bad situation, with the prospect of a non Marine commander calling the shots. Anyway, thanks for posting the link. SF.


        1. Oh, I totally mis-read your point. Yeah, actually this does give me pause — putting them under an Army commander. Plus, since they won’t be a MEU or even a task force, they’ll probably lack air power and tank support…

          Okay, now I’m less of a fan, but I still think the Marine Corps has to try to get its arms around as many missions as possible with the upcomign budget cuts.


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