What Are the Odds of Success? … Really?

Statistically speaking, I have no chance of making it as a big-name writer, and yet that is my stated goal. Whether I’m talking to friends or family members, I’m not afraid to say that this is my goal.

I could make a number of points as to why I personally believe it’s possible, but a skeptic could rightly refute them with ease. (And this has happened, and such thoughts are like a cancer to a hungry searcher like me. They can make even a crazy believer like me start to doubt, so I don’t usually discuss my chances much with skeptics.)

But I’m getting off my point, and my point is I have a dream and I think I can achieve it. Despite hurdles that are probably as steep as trying to make a career in the NFL, I believe it’s totally possible.

And the following article splendidly explains why. And if you have a dream, I assure you this article can apply to whatever road you’re working your way down.

Here’s the article: What Are the Odds of Success? … Really?

Read the article and get moving on your own dreams. I really think you’ll find the article very motivating.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

4 thoughts on “What Are the Odds of Success? … Really?

  1. Great article. Kristen has a great blog and usually knows what she’s talking about. When you really think about everything it takes to succeed, you realize just how much of the so-called competition is unwilling to put in the effort. That’s why I’m putting my money on you, Stan!


    1. Agreed, Phillip, about how much effort it takes. We just have to stay optimistic and hungry, and never lose the faith! Thanks for the kind words and we’ll catch up later!


  2. Great post. I just touched on this in my blog recently. If we believe in ourselves and really push to achieve those goals, we can make it happen. Best of luck writing and keep up the awesome work.


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