A picture too cute not to post

My wife captured this photo and shared it on her facebook, and I couldn’t resist sharing it, as well.

Clay with Sold OutHer caption for it was as cute as the photo. She said, “Clay decided that he wanted Mommy to read him ‘dis book.'”

Nice to know our crazy little warrior cat loves Marine Sniper/CIA thrillers like his Dad.

But who doesn’t like Nick Woods, the main character in the book? For that matter, who doesn’t like the book? : )

As one reviewer said, “With a go-for-broke pace fast enough to leave Lee Child choking on dust and enough gun-love to make Stephen Hunter fans pay attention, ‘Sold Out’ is a swift, relentless, bullet-riddled helping of treachery, conspiracy, and scorched earth vengeance.

“Protagonist Nick Woods is not your stereotypical hero; he’s more than a little paranoid, blunt to the point of rudeness, and is perfectly willing to blow large-caliber holes through anyone remotely associated with double-crossing him and leaving his wife dead…even if some of those ‘anyones’ are law enforcement officers just doing their jobs.

“Yeah, Nick Woods is pissed off, hellbent on vengeance, and woe to anyone who stands in his way. Author Stan R. Mitchell’s writing style is sharp, snappy, cinematic, and impacts with all the blunt force trauma of a hollowpoint to the head. If you’re a fan of action novels, you need to read this novel ASAP.” (Link here.)

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

3 thoughts on “A picture too cute not to post

    1. Yeah, that was a one in a million shot. He’s super scatty, and Danah just happened to catch it. I’m surprised he didn’t leap up when he stepped on the slick surface. SF.


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