My mood today, and some major props

For years now, I’ve had a dream of making it in the fiction world. It was kind of far-fetched. It was pretty much impossible.

But today it’s hitting me… I may actually pull this off…

And as soon as this euphoria hit me, my very next thought was this…

Let there be no doubt: I have the best wife ever. And on a day like today (when I’m actually on a high and believing in myself), I’m really reminded of how much my wife Danah has helped me to believe in myself and get to this point.

And I’ll never forget when I was practically ready to give up on “Little Man,” she told me that not only was it a good book, but she wanted to re-read it someday.

Wow. Just wow…

Maybe I would have still published it at some point, but maybe I wouldn’t have. (After all, there were so many before it that I had given up on…) Who knows. Anyway, never let there be any doubt about how much credit she deserves.

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Some motivation to think about as an artist (of any kind) these days…

I came across something today that should motivate each and every artist out there.

I was reading an article about Tim Tebow earlier and the reporter was talking about how much sports media has grown since 2008. And in the article, he says this:

When I asked Tebow whether he was saving himself for marriage, Twitter was in its infancy, social media was more theory than reality. Every single person with a cell phone wasn’t yet a potential newsmaker armed with a more rapid news distribution system than the most advanced reporter in 2008.

Since then sports media has gone on steroids, gotten bigger, faster, but also wilder, more reckless, rumors pinwheel across social media more rapidly than ever before, truth and fiction duel in real time. Every picture that Johnny Manziel poses for at a bar or on the beach is immediately able to be distributed to the entire world and become a story.

And I have to say, those two paragraphs instantly yanked me from football land back to author land. Think about what those two paragraphs are saying from an author perspective.

Never before have the barriers been lower! There are no print editors at newspapers or magazines that you have to get through. No news producers to beg for time in TV land.

The people have all the power, and every single person with a cell phone is a potential newsmaker “armed with a more rapid news distribution system than the most advanced reporter in 2008.”

So, no matter what your art, we’re increasingly running out of excuses to not make it…

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Seven traits of a highly effective mindset

My friend Chuck Morris, who’s an inspiration to me and who founded a leading 22-year-old marketing firm in downtown Knoxville, shared the following link on his facebook this morning:

Seven traits of a highly effective mindset

The seven traits listed are:

1.  Enjoys and appreciates the present moment.

2.  Connects inner purpose with outer effort.

3.  Accepts and embraces great challenges.

4.  Self-disciplined.

5.  Remains positive and focused through failure.

6.  Filters and channels anger effectively.

7.  Willingness and drive to help others.

But the list doesn’t come close to doing justice to the article. It’s the paragraph or two below each point that really motivates you and helps reset your mindset.

So, go read the article: Seven traits of a highly effective mindset. And then share it with someone and help make their day, as well.

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.