Modern-day journalism brilliantly explained…

Most of my regular readers know that Danah and I own a weekly newspaper, called The Oak Ridge Observer. It’s a paper I started in 2004 — No, I’m not being Mr. Take All The Credit; this was Pre-Danah timeperiod, or PD — and  Danah and I still spend too much time working at. BesidesContinue reading “Modern-day journalism brilliantly explained…”

Two pieces of news about my writing

I wanted to share a couple important writing notes with you guys, who are so kind to flatter me by following my blog and buying my books. First, I recently took some of my own advice. As you remember, I recently wrote the post “Advice for those leaving for college, as well as the restContinue reading “Two pieces of news about my writing”

Some motivation from Will Smith

This video totally motivated me this morning and fired me up to push harder toward some of my goals. Just one of the great nuggets from it was this: “Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. Why would you be realistic? What’s the point of being realistic?” Hat tip to inspirationenergy for the video. KeepContinue reading “Some motivation from Will Smith”